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Be a Supermodel for a Day at Le Boudoir Studio

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Ditch the jeans and sneakers to be a flawless supermodel for a day.



Dr. Marc Malek: Best Tummy Tuck in Scottsdale for Flat Abs Fast

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All the crunches in the world won’t achieve washboard abs. The midsection can be one of the most difficult and stubborn areas of the body to tone and shed fat from. 



Beauty Habits to Break this Summer

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The Valley is really heating up and with temps in the 100s, so being poolside becomes a popular activity throughout the summer. Could some of your summer habits be hurting your skin long term? Experts from SebamedUSA.com and Lead Esthetician Michele Fletcher from Hotel Valley Ho Spa (Best of Our Valley 2014 winner) have a few reminders to keep your skin beautiful and healthy all summer long.


Mistake #1: Forgetting Sunscreen. 

SM: We know, we know – you hear this a million times but 90 percent of premature skin aging and discoloration is caused by exposure to sunlight. Applying sunscreen daily is the easiest way to prevent sun damage, protect your skin, and not to mention look younger. Try using products that offer Broad-Spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection, and an SPF of 30 or greater like Amarte Ultra Veil. ($45, amarteskincare.com)

MF: Many women avoid using SPF on their face because they think it will create breakouts or wrinkles, etc. You really need to stop avoiding it and find products that already have SPF in them. Your face needs to be protected from UV rays just as much as the rest of your body. Facial SPFs are great alternatives to sunscreen.

Mistake #2: Skimping on Sleep

SM: Your skin and body go into repair mode when asleep. This is why sticking to a regular sleeping routine will not only keep you well rested, but will help to renew and regenerate new skin cells. Try incorporating just a glass a day of soy milk into your daily routine as this can help improve the structure and firmness of your skin, as well as soften those crow’s feet. And for a quick fix, try Repêchage’s Eye Rescue Pads! These natural infusions combined with moisture replenishing, anti-aging powers of seaweed are the ultimate “10-minute vacation” for eyes. ($9.00, www.Repêchage.com).

Mistake #3: Baby Oil

MF: For some reason tanners believe that baby oil is one of the best and most inexpensive oils to use for tanning. Although it may be inexpensive, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for your skin. You should never use baby oil on your skin to tan. There’s nothing in it that protects from the sun. Educating yourself on tanning lotions and oils is the best way to go. Especially look for ones that already contain SPF.

Mistake #4: Pigmentation Products

MF: You need to be wary of products that are used for skin pigmentation because they contain Retinol. When you’re in the sun, the best thing to use is an SPF lotion. I know it sounds repetitive, but in this heat, SPF is necessary. Products with exfoliating agents when used in the daytime can do more damage to your skin. Those are best to use at night when you go to bed.

Mistake #5: Waiting To Moisturize 

SM: Most creams and lotions have key ingredients that create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to lock in moisture to maintain a healthy pH balance of 5.5. For optimum moisture, slather on Sebamed Moisturizing Face Cream immediately after cleansing or a hot shower, before the skin cools and your pores begin to close ($19.95, www.SebamedUSA.com).


5 Tips For An Amazing Sunless Tan

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Summer around the corner, keeping your skin safe in the sun is always in style! Instead of baking your skin and leaving it at risk for skin cancer try using a sunless tanner. Dr. Marc Malek has 5 go-to tips for creating the perfect sunless tan. 

1. Get Rid of Hair

Laser Hair Removal is very beneficial in permanently removing hair. This procedure works best for people who have thicker, darker hair, but it will work for all hair types. The laser works by selecting the darkest and coarsest hairs, so someone who fits these characteristics will see better results. It takes about 3 to 5 sessions on average, and it's a great procedure to have done in the winter because you cannot expose your skin to the sunlight 6 weeks before or after it's done.

2. Use a Scrub

Your skin can become dry and flaky during the winter. To refresh it for the summer, use a scrub to slough off dead cells and reveal smoother, more luminous skin. Look for products with Vitamin A and glycolic acids, which have great exfoliating properties. I recommend the Exfoliating Body Wash by Glytone and the St. Ives Exfoliating Apricot Scrub.

3. Amp Up the Self-Tanner

Keep your skin moisturized and invest in a quality self-tanner if you are feeling pale. Jergens Natural Glow and Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Foam both work great and are affordable.

4. Schedule a Pedi

Treat yourself to a spa pedicure! Paint your toes a pretty color to celebrate the summer and attract attention on the beach. Chances are your feet will be dry and in need of some TLC after being trapped in boots all winter.


5. Moisturize

Make sure to regularly apply lotion to your tan. You want to prevent skin from cracking and it will also help he color last longer. 


For more informormation on Dr. Marc Malek and his services that he offers go to http://marcmalekmd.com/


New Salon Concept Now Open in Phoenix

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Walking into the new Sola Salon in city Phoenix, a gorgeous chandelier greets you as well as a beautiful aesthetic. There are so many aspects of the studios that potential business owners and clients will love. Each professional is allowed to customize the space any way they choose: self-closing doors allow for privacy between client and stylist; professionals can play their own music; they can adjust the room to fit their needs such as extracting the sink or adding another salon chair. The studios serve as a one-stop shop for clients who are looking for a complete spa day. Massage therapists, nail technicians, estheticians, hair stylists, and skincare professionals are all welcome to rent a space at Sola Salon. Avery Gavigan, the owner and general manager of Sola Salon Studios shared with us his vision and why the Valley should come down for a visit.

AFM: What inspired you to open Sola Salon Studios in Phoenix?

AG: I found this concept in Denver and I had recently moved to Phoenix, and I knew this was a very dynamic hair-care and beauty market and wanted to bring it here. Sola is a nationally leader with 156 stores in 32 states, and I think that it’s significantly nicer than anything in the local market.

AFM: Why do you think Sola Salon Studios’ business model is more effective than a regular salon?

AG: Here, a beauty professional can lease a studio that gives them their sole access to it which is roughly the same price as renting a chair in a traditional salon. Once they have their own studio, they can set their own prices, their own schedule, they can retail whatever products they want and make 100 percent commission. Where as in a traditional salon, they are usually told what days and hours to work, what products to sell, and they usually don’t make much on commission when they do sell those products.

AFM: What are your goals for the next few months?

AG: My first goal is to fill this place with salon professionals. Right now I have 14 leased out of the 33. It typically takes about a year to fill these studios; my guess is that I’ll be able to fill it before that. After it’s full I’ll start to look for a place for my second location.

AFM: Why do you believe consumers should come here versus a traditional salon?

AG: Here we have a combination of different stylists they can work with. They can get their hair done, nails done, have a body massage or even Botox if they are interested in that. There’s a really good selection of beauty care services available for them.

For more info on Sola Salon Studios, visit www.solasalonstudios.com/region/phoenix

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