Five Unique Ways to Eat Yogurt

Eating healthy doesn’t mean your food has to be any less delicious.  One can still enjoy a tasty dessert or snack with some help of learning how to eat healthier options in creative and fun ways.  Even something as simple as yogurt can be made into something more appealing to eat than simply yogurt.

Featured below are five unique ways to eat yogurt.

1. Blueberry Yogurt Cobbler 


Cobbler topped with ice cream is always a treat, but yogurt can do just the trick as well.  A tasty blueberry yogurt cobbler is easy to make and yummy to eat.

To learn how to make this delicious breakfast or dessert, click HERE.

2. Pumpkin Pie Parfait

Pumpkin Quinoa Parfait with Pecan Streusel 500 5273

A pumpkin pie yogurt parfait is non-traditional yogurt parfait option that is healthy and delicious. Perfect for the holidays or any day, a pumpkin pie yogurt parfait is a must try.

To learn how to make this tasty treat, click HERE.

3. Banana Pudding Yogurt


Banana pudding is a perfect tasty treat for a healthier dessert option.  Not only is it simple to make, but filled with protein and healthy nutrients.

For more information on this tasty treat, click HERE.

4. Vanilla Yogurt Tiramisu


Who doesn’t love a good tiramisu?  A yogurt tiramisu may still be a calorie-filled dessert, but with a little help from yogurt it can be made healthier.

To learn how to make a yogurt tiramisu, click HERE.

5. S’mores Frozen Yogurt


Rather than making that yummy yet extremely unhealthy s’more, you might want to try a s’more frozen yogurt treat.  This tasty dessert has similar appeal to a s’more but is significantly less calories.

To learn how to make a frozen yogurt s’more treat, click HERE.

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