Plastic Free July – How You Can Creatively Reuse and Recycle

It’s Plastic Free July, and with that, people are looking for ways to reuse, repurpose, and recycle their plastic bottles and even old toys.

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Looking for ways to repurpose or recycle this month? Here are some ideas from TheSoul Publishing’s 5 Minute Crafts channel:

  • Take the top of your soda can and make it into a picture hanger. Some simple glue and your standing only frame becomes wall-hanging!
  • Use a plastic bottle to make a gift box. Cut the middles and piece them together for a box perfect for jewelry or small items. (Instructions here)
  • Repurpose a laundry detergent bottle to make your own plant holder. A few simple cuts sand you have the perfect decorative pot. (Instructions here)
  • Use the bottom of your celery to replant and grow your own. Just put it in water for a few days, move it to the soil, and then you’ll have homegrown celery. (Instructions here)

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