Irish Beauty Solutions for St. Patrick’s Day

Eating, drinking and being merry is a classic good ‘ol Irish time when celebrating St. Patty’s Day, however the Irish are also known for their beauty products and remedies that stand the test of time.


An Irish seaweed bath

Oatmeal Facial

Believe it or not oatmeal can be used as an effective facial treatment, to help retain the skin’s hydration and relieve irritation. Make your own with McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, which has been produced in Ireland since about 1800.

Guinness Hair Treatment

Instead of consuming beer, put it in your hair, and not in the accidental way. The malt and hops within beer contain protein that nourishes and strengthens strands, while the alcohol adds a sleek shine from its natural sugars and B vitamins.

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Pixy is a homegrown Irish brand that ships internationally. From soaps to shower mousses, this Irish beauty brand is infused with natural ingredients like moisturizing shea butter and vitamine E, and essential oils for a fresh and lasting fragrance.

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Inspired by Ireland’s natural environment, Voya operates one of the few seaweed baths left in Ireland. From bath to body, each product is based in the land’s hand-harvested seaweed. Prices are offered in USD and will ship internationally.

Burren Perfume
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This family-run perfumery is Ireland’s oldest perfumery that is located in an area where 70 percent of the country’s wildflower species can be found. All soaps, perfumes and balms are made in small batches by hand. The scents are light and airy, and reviewers say they are reminded of the Irish countryside in which they’re produced.


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