How to Rock 60s Style with a Modern Twist

NewDarlings-EasterWeekend-8When in the Arizona Foothills office, it’s important to do as the foothills-ians do. Which is browse amazing fashion blogs, obviously. Of course, that’s always after our real work is done.
Upon hitting the web we came across these two local bloggers with uncanny fashion sense – New Darlings. It felt unworldly looking at their site, probably because their style has a retro, vintage flair yet feels so ahead of the time it’s ridiculous.
We reached out to Robert and Christina and the two were happy to fill us in on their opinions of fashion and what have you.
1. How do you describe your sense of style? 
R&C: Our style definitely is a reflection of our personalities  We like to keep things classic with a fun edge.  We’ve always been inspired by the sixties, whether it was the fashion, music or home decor.  It was an exciting time in the creative world and everyone was pushing boundaries.   We like to mix things up between the clean lines of the early sixties, while bringing in some of the fun and drama of the late sixties.
2. How do you mix vintage while still including today’s modern vibes?
R&C: We definitely are a bit more partial to a neutral color palette.  Having classic pieces as a main frame work makes getting dressed in the morning simple.  From there, it’s easy to incorporate pops of color or hints of current trends.  Fashion has always been a great form of expression for the both of us and we like to have fun with it. We’ve learned its not always about pairing things that go perfectly together and we find it more fun that way!
3. Do you think it’s important for everyone to find a personal sense of style? 
R&C: We think it’s important for everyone to find a style that they’re comfortable with. You definitely don’t have to stick to a particular way of dressing or not wear a certain piece of clothing because it doesn’t fall into your “style ID.”  We’re big believers in “when you look good, you feel good”.  When you’re confident in your outfit, whether it be your favorite comfy tee and jeans or a new dress, it definitely sets the framework for your day and your mood.  We try not to box ourselves into one category. At the end of the day, fashion should be fun and be an expression of how you feel.
4. What are the key items in your closet you could not live without? 
1.) Black jeans – I’ve been wearing mostly black jeans (vs. a traditional denim) for years. I’ve always felt they gave me more options when putting an outfit together and you can dress them up a bit, which is a plus. I’ve recently discovered and become obsessed with the brand, Dstld Denim. My favorite pair is their skinny style.
2.) Classic button-down – I keep things pretty simple when dressing. I like to wear black on the bottom often, so pairing a classic button down in almost any shade of blue is my go-to. J.Crew has some great chambray shirts that I always find myself reaching for. 
3.) Brown shoes – The amount of brown shoes I have may be a bit embarrassing. I love everything from oxfords to chukka boots.  Because I’m usually in black pants, I like the contrast that a brown shoe can give an outfit. 
1.) Hats – 9 times out of 10, I’m wearing a hat.  It’s such a fun accessory to add to any outfit! My collection has gotten a little out of control, from black and green wool hats to some fun straw ones for summer.  My current favorites include this boater hatclassic fedora, and fun wide-brim style
2.) Dresses – Dresses are really the easiest way to get dressed — one piece and you’re out the door! Free People always has some great vintage inspired pieces that catch my eye, plus they’re easy to layer with tights and a little jacket when the weather gets chilly. 
3.) High Waisted Jeans – When I’m not wearing a dress, my go-to is a classic pair of high waisted skinnies.  They’re so flattering and much more comfortable than low rise, in my opinion.  I love this pair by BDG from Urban Outfitters with a tucked in tee.  Add some lipstick and you’re ready to go! 
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