Everyday Must: Beautiful Flower-Pressed Bookmarks by Page Petal

Whether you’re an avid bookworm or are in need of some encouragement to finally read that novel that’s been sitting on the shelf, or are simply looking for a unique gift, a beautiful bookmark can provide all the inspiration to keep turning the page.

Phoenix-based Page Petal creates gorgeous, original flower-pressed bookmarks that are carefully handmade with real flowers, making each piece thoughtfully one-of-a-kind. Individual bookmarks are delightfully named after famous literary characters, such as Jane Eyre, Katniss Everdeen, and Daisy Buchanan, while themed collections include Harry Potter, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and more.

We caught up with Gloria White, Page Petals’ founder, to learn more about the creative process and inspiration behind Page Petal’s charming, handcrafted bookmarks that are sure to instantly elevate the reading experience.

Gloria White, founder of Page Petal
Please tell us a little bit about you and the story behind Page Petal—

Gloria White and Page Petal came out of my book club. I wanted to gift my girlfriends something simple and pretty for joining my very first book club. I searched for thoughtful bookmarks but I mostly found tacky stuff. After a great deal of fruitless searching on Pinterest and Etsy I had the idea of pressing flowers myself to make tasteful bookmarks. So I bought myself a simple laminator and fresh flowers and gave it a go. Needless to say it was a hit, and my girls suggested I try and sell them.

I already had a full-time job that I enjoyed so I didn’t give this project much thought. And then the pandemic hit. My work was at a standstill for several months (like for so many). There was only so much eating and drinking I could do in a day!

So to keep me busy, I just started making these pretty flower bookmarks. I started giving these bookmarks away for free on my Instagram stories and when followers I didn’t know personally were asking to purchase them in larger quantities, I realized this was an untapped market. I launched Page Petal in May of 2020. Since then, I’ve added a few team members and went full-time with it this February. It’s been an amazing journey so far; I love my team and I’m obsessed with my business.

We love that the bookmarks are named after literary characters. If you had to choose, which is your favorite and why?

Emily Starr is my current favorite. I love simple designs, and this is just a yellow feathery-like flower petal. L.M. Montgomery wrote a short series called Emily of New Moon and the bookmark is named after the main character, aka Emily Starr. Those books were a big part of my early teen years, so the bookmark carries a lot of nostalgia for me.

What’s the process like to create a bookmark? How do you go about selecting the various types of flowers?

It’s definitely not rocket science! First, it’s important to find flowers that press well and to source from a good supplier. We’ve been fortunate to find some great growers that provide our fresh flowers. The daintier the petal the better! You’ll cut all the flower petals off their stem and lay in between book pages. Apply a lot of weight on the books and leave it alone for about a week.

Designing the bookmark is probably my favorite part because it’s where we can get creative. We’ll lay out petals on a template, trying different color and flower combinations. Once we feel like we’ve created something lovely, we seal it in one of our laminate molds. Voila! You have a bookmark. To tie the whole thing together, we attach the inspirational character name on a removable label. You can keep it on or do without, but it’s a nice reminder of who it represents.

We have quite a few best sellers! Beth March, Hermione Granger, Jane Eyre, Ron Weasley… just to name a few! We’re always looking for new character names too! You can make a suggestion by DMing us on Instagram.

Are custom orders accepted?

Absolutely! We do a few things actually. You can custom design your bookmark with flower petals, or with a personal photo. We’ve also worked with brides in the past on bridal favors, or thank you favors. We can custom design the label to state the happy couple’s name and wedding date. Our flower bookmarks are inexpensive but thoughtful gifts.

What’s your favorite part about making bookmarks?

Hands down we love working on custom photo bookmarks. Customers can send in a photo that they’d like to include in their bookmark along with their flower petal picks and it’s another way of getting to know our customers. (:

Besides online, where else can we find you?

Here in Phoenix, you can find us at Local Nomad, Muse Apparel, and Creative Kind Shop (Phoenix and Tucson location)!

What’s new or next for Page Petal?!

We’re so excited to expand our reach! We are starting to wholesale with bookstores all over the U.S. and we’re looking forward to growing our partnerships. In 2022, we hope to be at more trade shows as well!

Shop and discover the full collection at www.pagepetal.com.

Photos by Jillian Lenser

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