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5 Tricks to Repair and Protect Against Chlorine-Damaged Hair

Taking a summer dip in the pool may be relaxing, but not for your hair. Chlorine damages hair by removing its natural oils, which serve to moisturize and lend a healthy shine, and causes the cuticles to crack, resulting in split ends and lackluster locks. Next time you go swimming, take these beauty precautions into consideration to repair and prevent chlorine-damaged hair.


1. Condition
Before you take a dip, deep condition your hair. Using a conditioning product that contains high amounts of silicone will work best to prevent hair from absorbing chlorine as easily.

2. Pre-Soak Hair
If you soak your hair in non-chlorinated tap water before swimming, it will reduce the amount of chlorinated water your hair will soak up in the pool.

3. Avoid Rubber Hair Bands
If you’re totally against wearing a swimming cap (which is the best way to protect your hair from chlorine), gather your locks in a cloth- or terry-covered hair band. Avoid using rubber bands, which tend to pull and, potentially, break the hair shaft. Yikes!

4. Rinse & Shampoo ASAP
Rinse your hair immediately after coming out of the pool to stop the chlorine from wreaking more havoc. Wash hair with a swimmers shampoo, like Ultra Swim, which contains thiosulfate to further dissolve the chlorine and prevent it from oxidizing your hair.

5. Get a Trim
It’s nearing the end of summer and your locks might look a little lackluster and frayed. The quick fix? Pop into the salon for a trim to knock off those dry split ends and encourage healthy hair growth.

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