Young Fitness Enthusiast Gives Advice to College Girls


Meet Lauren Williams, a young fitness guru who spends her spare time training others with inspiration and meal plans, simultaneously keeping herself in top shape.  Lauren runs her own well-known fitness blog “Indubitable Fitness,” where she shares her fit thoughts, fit foods and motivation.  Valley Girl got the chance to chat with Williams about balancing a healthy lifestyle, while also maintaining the well-rounded life of a college girl.

Read the interview below to learn more about Lauren.  She also shares some tips on staying fit and happy!

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AFM- When did fitness become your passion?

Williams – “Fitness became my passion when I was 16.  Prior to that, I could have cared less about my fitness and health, but I was also extremely unhappy.  I was that girl in the pantry at 12:30 every night taking a few bags of Sun-chips upstairs.  In fact, I used to think those were a great choice (ha!). When I finally landed myself in a gym, I was blessed with the most phenomenal personal trainer who taught me so much about our food and exercise and their affects on our bodies. It blew my mind, and I was hungry to know more!  He pushed me everyday, even when I thought I couldn’t do it.  My body, my self-confidence, my happiness, my love for life and for myself all improved so drastically due to fitness.  This is why I am so passionate about fitness, and I strive to help others on their paths to wellness each and every day!”

AFM- What advice would you give to a young person struggling to stay fit?

Williams – “Be consistent and hold yourself accountable. Small actions add up to huge success! Getting up, running that mile, hitting those weights, turning down that cookie, eating grilled chicken instead of a burger- these are all small choices that you make each day that will determine your body’s outcome. It is crucial to get into a routine of making the right choices and not falling off track. Fitness is not an easy journey, but the rewards are endless. And remember that fitness is a lifestyle. Change your mindset, focus on improving your eating and exercise habits, and find a support system that will help you on your journey. A support system is crucial to keeping you on track.  Whether you find your accountability in an online fitness group such as I run, in the gym, in a workout partner, in a personal trainer, or in a promise to yourself.  That accountability is key to your success. I know that you are stronger than you think. Believe in yourself. You can do anything that you put your mind to!”

AFM- How do you balance a busy schedule and also find time to prepare healthy meals?

Williams – “Sunday is always my grocery day. Okay, and those crisis days throughout the week when I run out of fruit.  I’m a fruit pheen. I make a meal plan for the week, make a grocery list accordingly, hit Trader Joe’s, my most favorite and college-girl budget friendly grocery store, then go home and cook my lean proteins, veggies and grains for the week.  I also like to cut up my fruit so it’s easy for me to grab and go! Having my food all prepped and ready to go is crucial to keeping me on track throughout the week when I am blowing in and out of the house at 100 mph. I also replace one meal a day with Shakeology, super nutrient dense protein shake that tastes like heaven, and it helps energize me and curb my cravings. Plus, it’s my one “duh” meal of the day!  Shakeo and meal prep are my keys to a daily healthy diet.”

Williams offers an example on how to meal prep and plan on my blog.

AFM- What’s an example of a typical workout?

“Williams – I like to rotate around different workout routines to always keep my body guessing. My current workout is Insanity Max:30, and next week I will start the 21 day fix extreme, which I am so excited about!  Insanity Max: 30 is killer cardio and tabata moves which use only your body weight to push you to your max.  21 day fix extreme incorporates a variety of workouts 7 days a week with a portion control system to get you shredded.  I love these workouts, because on a constantly hustling schedule, I need a killer workout that I can knock out in my living room in just 30 minutes.  However, I still love the gym and I usually venture over there once or twice a week. An example of a typical workout for me would be a 5 minute jog to warmup, followed by 10 minute ab exercises, 3 circuits with 3 moves in each circuit (12-15 reps per moves) and  sprints on an incline.  I then end it with a stretch.”

Her long distance vs. HITT training post goes into more detail on the post below, and has an example of sprints on an incline.

AFM – Whats the number one piece of advice you would tell people NOT to do to stay in shape?

Williams – “Ah that’s a toughy. There are so many bad methods that people use that I could rant about, such as diet pills or starvation methods.  But one thing that I think many people don’t realize about staying shape is that endless cardio such as running or the elliptical is absolutely not the answer.  You have to hit the weight room to stay in shape. I know so many girls look at this part of the gym as the ominous unknown, fearing that they’ll turn into the hulk by venturing down there.  But, fear not, my friends! Weights are vital to building lean muscle and lifting weights will not make you get huge like a boy.  Girls are physically just not built that way. Another very important component is HIIT training. HIIT is the fastest way to burn fat while gaining that sexy, toned, lean muscle!  It combines short, high intensity intervals with longer, low intensity intervals so that your body is constantly kept guessing and never plateaus on burning calories!  You must remember to never give up.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so sometimes even when the scale isn’t changing, your body is. I always tell my clients to judge their body based on how their clothes are fitting, not just by the number on the scale. Give it time and continue working your muscles, I promise that the results will come.”

Williams is offering the a chance to enter and win a free copy of the 21 day fix extreme.  Information can be found HERE.

To read more of the “Indubitable Fitness” blog or to get in touch with Lauren on your own meal plan, visit her blog.

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