Valley of the Dolls is Back!

Just recently, it has been announced that NBC and Precious director Lee Daniels will be bringing the classic ‘70s film Valley of the Dolls to the small screen.

Jacqueline Susann’s best-selling novel about three girls trying to make it in the cut-throat New York City show business was once upon a time turned into a 1967 film, staring a very young Patty Duke and the famously deceased Sharon Tate as Hollywood starlets addicted to pills and men and their dowdy friend Anne who disapproves. The story spans a couple of decades as the women first rise to stardom and then fall spectacularly back to earth in their mini-skirts. The story was remade in the 80s as a mini-series and then again in the mid-90s. The film is also full of fashion inspiration a la Sex and the City; I mean, Mulberry even named a bag after one of the main characters, Neely O’Hara.

Get inspired with a video from the old movie:

Who do you think the cast of characters will be?

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