The ‘Kardashian of Airlines’ Takes to Reality TV

Forget any “Pan Am” glamour in the newest television program about an airline, but expect a carrier-full of drama. Just yesterday, TLC ushered in a new reality series that will take viewers behind the scenes at Southwest Airlines, the “Kardashian of airlines,” so says the Washington Post.

Just in time for the holiday rush, the half-hour show will begin shooting this weekend at Denver International Airport and Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Although it doesn’t yet  have a name or start date, Denver-Washington travelers beware.

The Dallas airline, which has its third-largest operation in Phoenix, said the show will feature a behind-the-scenes look at air travel.

TLC promises “unprecedented access” that will reveal what it takes for Southwest to transport passengers in the era of packed planes, unruly passengers and countless air travel frustrations.

“We are excited to open our doors to TLC viewers beause our employeeswill be wonderful ambassadors to reveal the behind-the-scenes happenings of working for an airline,” Southwest Vice President Linda Rutherford said in a statement.

More airports are set to be added in the coming weeks.

The series of 13 half-hour episodes will also profile some of the airline’s customers “as they prepare to travel for milestone moments,” TLC says.

“Air travel has become incredibly accessible, and as a result, millions of travelers navigate the challenges of the airport, especially during the upcoming holiday season,” said Amy Winter, general manager of TLC, in a statement.

Southwest is no stranger to reality TV cameras; In the past, the carrier was the subject of “Airline,” a series that ran on A&E in 2004 and 2005, canceling the show just after three seasons.

What do you think – Is this just another reality TV show or will you watch?

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