Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

In this day and age, phones and their protective coverings are considered an accessory to show just like jewelry or a handbag. These luxury iPhone cases are made out of such luxurious materials as carbon fiber and ostrich skin, with matching price tags ranging from $250 to more than $100,000.

Special Edition Strada Case in Cognac Ostrich by Orbino, $249
Crafted from cognac ostrich skin, this Special Edition iPhone Original Strada Case by Orbino comes equipped with leather lining, as well as a spring loaded combination belt clip and desk stand in polished palladium metal.

Owl Swarovski Crystal iPhone 4 Case, $289.99

Each bedazzled crystal on this Owl Swarovski Crystal iPhone 4 Case is hand set. Also adding to the price of this cute decorative phone case is a hand polished technique that is assembled and tested to guarantee quality.

iWood + Ryou, $454

Miniot’s iWood case has been upgraded at the hands of Ryou Co., Ltd. and Urushi lacquerer Seiichiro Fujino. The artist uses Chinese raw lacquer, clear lacquer, pigment and silver foil to turn one of Miniot’s already posh cherry iWood casts into true works of art.

Dolce & Gabbana iPhone Chain-Strap Wallet, $595

With this Dolce & Gabbana iPhone Chain-Strap Wallet, you can be sure to keep your going-out essentials safe and secure in this sparkling, shoulder-slung bag that makes as both an iPhone case and as a wallet. Coming in your choice of silver or bronze, it can also easily house your ID and credit card.

Softbank BB Samurai iPhone cases,$1,000

Softbank BB is bringing the aesthetic appeal of traditional Japanese lacquerware to your iPhone with five distinctive iPhone cases that commemorate five famous samurai from Japan’s storied history (including conquerer Oda Nobunaga; one-eyed warlord Date Masamune; tactician and “Dragon of Echigo,” Uesagi Kenshin; famed lover Naoe Kanetsugu and triumphant underdog Yukimura Sanada). The cases were created in collaboration with 350-year-old lacquerware company Zohiko and each design comes with a different cloth pouch.

Louis Vuitton, up to $1,120

Of course, you can never go wrong with the stylish Louis Vuitton monogram that is synonymous with luxury. The brand is now offering four different flavors of iPhone case: Monogram Canvas, Taiga Leather, Epi Leather and Alligator Skin. Prices are broad, ranging from $225 for the Monogram Canvas case to $1120 for the Alligator Skin case.

Goldstriker 18ct Gold Edition iPhone Case, $2,286

This Goldstriker 18ct Gold Edition iPhone Case also comes with the iPhone. If you already have an iPhone, you can contact the retailer for details on how to turn your phone into a luxury, gold brick. It is also available in platinum or 18k rose gold.

GnG Golden Delicious, $108,981

Put all other iPhone covers to shame with this gold-plated case. Made by German company GnG, the Golden Delicious features a 1mm subshell made out of 18k gold, a carbon fiber inlay and – count ’em – 200 diamonds.

Which would you choose to cover your precious phone with?

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