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Scottsdale Quarter to Open First of Six Restaurants

The new $270 million shopping district and mixed-use development, Scottsdale Quarter is moving right along and is set to open its first restaurant, Brio Tuscan Grille, on May 6. The new shopping and eating mecca has also lined up six other familiar restaurants to accompany the Grille, including the Old Town favorite Stingray Sushi, Tutta La Cost by the amazing Sam Fox and Momenti Café!

For all you pasta-lovers, Brio Tuscan Grille, which can also be found in Gilbert and in 16 other states, dishes out delicious Italian cuisine and is sure to be a Valley favorite.


Other Restaurants to Open in Scottsdale Quarter in 2009:

  • Stingray Sushi: This will be Stingray in Old Town’s second location and a chic and popular way to eat sushi.
  • Tutta La Casa: Sam Fox’s newest project, Tutta La Casa will deliver a Mediterranean concept and, like all-of his restaurants, will feature mouthwatering dishes.
  • Santorini Cuisine: This San Francisco import eatery will attract guests with it’s tasty Greek/Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Parc Central: Parc in Hollywood is opening up a Parc Central in our very own Scottsdale Quarter. This upscale and classy eatery is sure to fit in well in Scottsdale.
  • Bing Crosby’s Restaurant: Coming straight from California with all types of meat on the menu, Bing Crosby takes on a “golf and Hollywood-themed atmosphere.”
  • Momenti Café: Now Valley residents can grab a cup of coffee (Italian coffee), and nibble on a sandwich or pastry at this much-needed café.

Scottsdale Quarter, opening just across from Kierland Commons on the East side of Scottsdale Road began its extensive unveiling process with Williams-Sonoma Home and West Elm furnishing stores opening last month.

Us girls can rejoice in the Quarter’s inclusion of H&M, our favorite cosmopolitan style superstore, set to open in the first of three phases, along with an Apple and Nike store, and Oakville Grocery, which imports from the beautiful Napa Valley!

Set to feature the best in fashion and cuisine, Scottsdale Quarter is said to mirror Melrose of Los Angeles and 3rd Street of Santa Monica making it a five-star luxury destination for Valley residents and tourists.

If you think Scottsdale Quarter is simply an expansion to the Kierland Commons, you’re mistaken. The architecture is expected to appear much more varied than the Commons with the use of steel, glass and stone. The inclusion of fountains and shaded areas will add to the tranquil, yet elegant shopping experience.

The retail and office buildings along the 28-acre development will have four levels with all retails stores at the bottom and businesses on the upper levels, and will boast 2,400 parking spaces in two garages.

Already underway, the second phase will make a substantial difference to the new district with dozens of new eateries, shops, a new plaza with a fountain and the Gold Class Cinema – a remarkable new movie theatre!

Give thanks to Glimcher Realty Trust, Vanguard City Home and the Wolff Co. for they are developing this sure to be Scottsdale treasure.

For more information visit www.scottsdalequarter.com.


  • Jess says:

    i cannot wait until everything is open over there. i went to the west elm and williams sonoma opening and it’s sooo amazing over there!!! can’t wait. and i’ve never been to a brio…sounds so good.

  • Sandra Sun says:

    Wow I have a feeling this will be my new favorite place to hang out once every store is up and running! This place sounds so great.

  • marcie says:

    i’m excited for all the new restaurants!! cool that sam fox is opening a new one, his are NEVER a disappointment

  • Audrey says:

    I’m so curious when all of these places are going to open! I hope soon because I live across the street, so convenient for me!

  • Millie says:

    Even though it’s not considered a “restaurant,” the Oakville Grocer (in Napa, anyways) has wonderful sandwiches too!

  • Iza says:

    I’m am so excited for these restaurants!!! It’ll be great having Stingray so close to my home! I can’t wait!!

  • Sharon says:

    Great that all these places are coming to town, my eyes are really only on H & M.

  • Clarissa says:

    As a pasta lover, I can’t wait to try some of Brio Tuscan Grille’s dishes.

  • Liz says:

    I am so excited for Scottsdale Quarter to be up and running!!! This place is going to be awesome!!!

  • One F Jef says:

    Bing Crosby’s?? This one I gotta see for myself. Hopefully the food will be terrific. Will Bob Hope be there too???

  • Dalia says:

    H&M sweet.

  • Tina Feygan says:

    i had no idea there woudl be 6 restaurants here. thats great news. i didnt know it was going to be that large.

  • tommy says:

    just went there and it is Cheescake Factory meeting a pasta house. Not that great!

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