Bath Junkie to Open in Phoenix’s Desert Ridge

With 60 locations across the country and national magazines revering it as one of the “best beauty stores”, it’s about time the famous, make-it-yourself Bath Junkie lets us Phoenicians partake in the bathing frenzy! Well there is no need to wait much longer, the new Phoenix location in Desert Ridge and first location in the great state of Arizona will open its doors tomorrow, August 22, at 11 a.m. and will come fully equipped with celebratory drawings and a generous 20 percent discount. So grab your girlfriends and head to The District in Desert Ridge… and trust me it won’t be long until you’re an addicted “bath junkie” just like the rest of the nation.


The beauty of Bath Junkie is each customer can customize his or her bath blend to suit his or her own needs and desires, right in the store! Guests can choose from many colors and over 200 fragrances of either phosphate-free bubble bath, paraben and mineral-oil free moisturizers, talc-free liquid powder, exfoliating salt scrub, spa tub-safe bath crystals, alcohol-free body mist, SLS-free shower gel, everywhere foaming body wash, hair conditioners, anti-bacterial hand wash or even Bath Junkie’s full line of pet products.

“A mix between an upscale Manhattan loft and the production line of a factory, stores are a ‘drop-in spa’.”


If you aren’t so creative with the blending, Bath Junkie provides fragrance menus of some “favorite blends.” Customers can also select their products’ tints, allowing them to simply choose a favorite color or create the perfect match for their bathroom or kitchen color scheme.

“Think of it like a soda fountain for bath products: scented and tinted to your specifications, and mixed up in-store before your very eyes.”

Bath Junkie products are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Most are paraben and SLS-free. Bath Junkie does not test on animals and promises to only use “the best” formulas.

August 2009 Featured Scents – “Get Fresh!” 

Nippon Rain: Fresh, Green Tea, Rain

Night Clubbin’: Issey Miyake Type (W), Jade Musk, Fresh

Are You Getting Fresh With Me? Fresh, Spring Fling

A Fresh Start: Fresh, Happy Type (W), Summer Sorbet

Summer Memories: Fresh, Juniper Breeze, Waves

So Fresh & So Clean, Clean: Ocean Rain, Fresh, Tangerine

That’s Totally Fresh: Fresh, Eucalyptus, Herb, Sitrus, Hyacinth

Those Su-Huh-Mer-Er Ni-Ights: Summer Sorbet, Fresh, Honeysuckle

Getting Really Fresh: Fresh Air, Fresh Papaya, Fresh

Fresh Prince: Fresh, Good Life Type (M), Masculine Musk

It’s Raining Man-Darin: Mandarin Orange, Fresh, Mandarin Breeze

Manly Man: Fresh, Masculine Musk, Patchouli

Minty Fresh: Spearmint, Fresh

Fantastically Fresh: Sage, Fresh, Fig

Gettin’ Fresh & Funky @ Bath Junkie: Fresh, Bj4w, Woodstock

Sprite: Fresh, Fizzy Soda, Lime

Feeling Refreshed, Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Air, Fresh

Never In Never Land: Vera Wang Type, Fresh, Vanilla Lace Type

Fresh Batch Of Lemonade: Lemon Balm, Fresh

Bath Junkie — Desert Ridge
21001 N Tatum Blvd. Suite 38-1321
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(The District – across from the District Stage)

  1. Why is it when you pass these places it always smells so good then you get the product home and a day later the smell is gone. Everytime i pass a bath and body works i am like sign me up i will buy some product then what happens the smell disappears somehow from the store to my car. Has that happened to anyone else or just me? My husband Phil is always honey why did you buy this there is no smell to it. I just do not get it! xoxo

  2. I just went to see a moive called Shorts btw way do not see it. This was so bad and my son wanted to see it. On my walk thru desert ridge i saw this store and now on your site wow! the deal is the owner is from California and super nice and the store is amazing love it and they have special products for the puppies. I would say great place to shop! LOVE IT

  3. Perfect to stock up for those last minute host gifts…birthday happy hour invite…etc. No lavender?
    Thanks for the feature and the information!!!!!

  4. What a cool store! I bet it smells so good in there. Bath products are a great gift idea. It is easy and the recipient always loves it. How can you go wrong with something that smells so good?

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