Rock Your Workout with this Revolutionary Scottsdale Based Fitness Class

CorePump RED class1

Scottsdale is now home to the “smartest workout on earth.” Revolutionary fitness class, CorePump RED, created by local fitness expert and CorePump inventor Samuel Colby is being offered exclusively at ESOS Lifestyle Center. The innovative 45-minute class offers individuals a calorie burn of 500-1500 calories per session via exercising and stretching on a CorePump machine, which utilizes isokinetic resistance for the ultimate total body workout. Owner Samuel Colby believes the machine is the future of fitness and can help anyone reach their health goals.

CorePumpRED classes incorporate near infrared lighting which is said to have countless benefits including boosted metabolism, reduction in body fat and cellulite, increased energy and strength, improved circulation and endurance, detoxification of the body, and more. Along with the standard high-energy music played during an exercise class, CorePumpRED plays isochronitones, which allows individuals to better focus on the workout due to the tones ability to alter brainwave frequency. “Together – the lighting, the music and the machine – it’s completely different than anything out there. We are biohacking fitness,” says Colby.

After class members can take advantage of a Cryotherapy session, a treatment using extremely low temperatures to treat symptoms such as tissue damage, decrease inflammation, increase cell rejuvenation, improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging. Everyone is offered a free first class to try the workout and memberships start at only $99 per month. For more information visit ESOS Lifestyle Center website.

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