The Bar Method: Most Targeted Workout Keeps Growing

Ever heard of the haute and sweaty Bar Method workout? The new craze that is sweeping the nation is a unique, body-aching approach for an extreme targeted workout.

The Bar Method incorporates exercises around a ballet studio barre and is so isolated that it consistently leaves practitioners’ legs shaking with the most minimum movement possible. The full-body workout, if you dare to take it on, targets each muscle with dance conditioning techniques and resistance training. As someone who aspires to have the perfect dancer’s body without necessarily sporting the tights and leotards, The Bar Method is the key to sculpting my ideal figure.

I’m giving you fair warning here: the class is rigorous and muscles you never knew you had will be sore and tingly, perhaps for the first time ever. However, the beautiful spa-like décor of the studios, along with the fast body-changing results make it oh so worth it. One glance at the lean bods strutting around the studios will convince you that there is a method to their madness. For me, this is what sets apart The Bar Method from other fitness programs—results.

While this system does enhance muscle growth, the incorporated stretching techniques promote elongated muscles for minimum bulk—perfect for women who want that lean and narrow figure. As friendly and inviting as the ballet barre may look, it will not be holding your leg up for you. The small, one-inch movements are deceptively challenging.

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