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Stay Cool, Burn Calories: Under Water Workouts

With your outdoor thermostat ranging from 100 to 120 degrees right now, it’s hard to think of anything else but staying cool. Well you still need to look good in that summer bikini, so cool off and break a sweat simultaneously with exercises done in a refreshing pool.


Under water exercises allow for a total-body workout as it combines aerobic and resistance training; the water being the resisting force.

Water Aerobics
The water gives light resistance that is great for lean muscles, but to add more you can use paddles, webbed gloves, tubing, and foam “dumbbells” for example. These water aerobic classes are great for toning but are also therapeutic for those with injuries, special needs or arthritis.

  • Aqua Classes: Offered at most major gyms in the Valley, including Lifetime, LA Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness and YMCA, “Aqua” classes are a full-body water aerobic workout. Exercising in water provides increased circulation, muscular endurance and increased stamina without the impact of land-based aerobics. They also help to tone and sculpt without impact to the joints. Resistance tools may include buoyant water weights and noodles.
  • Hydro Training: Along with Aqua fit, the crème de la crème Lifetime Fitness also offers Hydro Training group fitness classes that take under water exercising to the next level. Hydro Training is an athletic approach to water fitness training with sports-specific drills, intense cardiovascular work, intervals, and plyometrics. You’re sure to improve your cardiovascular conditioning as well as muscular strength and endurance. Classes are offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9 a.m. and Wednesday nights at 6 p.m.
  • Aquatic Boot Camp: This seasonal program offered at the YMCA (May, June and July) incorporates all of the land based Boot Camp activities and movements into the water and will replace the current Health and Fitness Boot Camp program during the summer months. A perfect class for those seeking a challenging and intense water workout. No previous experience required and you do not need to be a strong swimmer to reap the benefits of Aqua Boot Camp.
  • Deep Water Class: Simply treading water in the deep for a long period of time gets the heart pumping. This class offered at your local YMCA is taught in the deep water without touching the bottom of the pool and provides the least impact and the most resistance.

If your looking to shed fat and burn calories, outdoor running is usually the way to go, but almost physically impossible with our current climate. Try taking swim lessons for an under water cardio workout.


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