Phoenix Fitness Guru Launches New “Fill Your Cup” Diet

The key to reaching your goal weight is in the “palm of your hands” – literally. Our very own Phoenix fitness guru, Julie Poplawski, realizes that portion control is key to dropping sizes, however counting calories and measuring food is not going to always happen. That is why Poplawski is introducing an extraordinary program and book, “Fill Your Cup,” which utilizes common sense, the internet and a bowl no bigger than the size of your hands.

That’s right, once you find your bowl size, Poplawski says you can fill it with whatever you want as long as you only have three bowl sizes a day. I know what you may be thinking… If we can fill it with whatever we want, does that include dessert? Poplawski tells her clients to go ahead and try eating a whole bowl of sweets because she knows the sick feeling afterward will be a future deterrent.

This original program has already been proven successful among Julie’s clients in Arizona, and now she’s determined to spread it around the country with her new book.

As a certified fitness instructor for the past 15 years in both pilates and cycling, she has talked to countless clients about their struggles with dieting before creating “Fill Your Cup.” The one constant that she heard was that all diets, no matter which one, don’t work because you are treating yourself like an “undisciplined child.”

“People on diets restrict, deny, or order themselves what to eat and when to eat it rather than treating themselves like adults,” said Poplawski. “’Fill Your Cup’ is a lifestyle for adults. It’s for adults who know what they want, who know where they are and where they want to go. It gives adults the keys to a lifestyle that truly understands our relationship with food, creates a support community, and is helping people discover a more fulfilling and content life for themselves.”

With the book, Poplawski has also created a community through Twitter for those who want to lose the 5-20 pounds standing between them and their skinny jeans. The “Fill Your Cup” Twitter community is an online journal of accountability. Followers of the account are able to post what they have eaten during the day as well as see what others have posted thereby creating an online support and celebration system for their progress with “Fill Your Cup.”

“As a physician, I love how “Fill Your Cup” literally puts people in touch with what they eat. Using your cup means fewer calories and learning how different foods affect you. It really works, and gives each person the tools and power to take control of their eating and their lives,” said Dr. Shahrzad Ozuna.

“Fill Your Cup” is available online at You can find out more on Facebook and follow Poplawski on Twitter @j_fillyourcup

  1. Since have applied these principles, I have found that instead of just eating because I am supposed to, I am actually making better and smarter choices. I also look forward to my meals and get excited about how trim I look. I can’t wait to show off my abs in bikini this summer

  2. Jacquelyn, what a great article! Thank you for posting it. Portion Control is a lifestyle that is so simple to understand, but not always simple to do. A support network of friends you exercise with as well as reading blogs and following on Twitter on your own make most who try the Fill Your Cup lifestyle successful. Make us your exercise tribe in Pilates class at @one Yoga on 32nd Street and Lincoln Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 9:30.

    Everyone can lose weight for life, if they do it from the inside out!

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