How to Treat Allergies and Asthma With An Alternative Approach

Photo Credit: Modern Acupuncture
by Modern Acupuncture
Photo Credit: Modern Acupuncture

When treating allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma, people often revert to prescription or over-the-counter medicine to find relief. Instead of inhaling chemicals or taking medication, natural alternatives such as acupuncture can immediately reduce symptoms. Additionally, due to changes made by the FDA, doctors are strongly encouraged to learn more about acupuncture so that they can recommend the alternative treatment to their patients to treat various ailments instead of prescribing prescription medication. Below explains how traditional acupuncture helps treat these conditions.


With pollen levels being high, spring allergies are in full swing. In most cases, the lungs are the first organ to be affected by outside influences such as climate, allergens, and viruses. Studies have shown that traditional acupuncture decreases the symptoms of seasonal allergies such as runny, nose, sneezing, and itchy and watering eyes. People typically find relief from traditional acupuncture after one session, and ongoing treatments enhance the benefits and keep symptoms at bay.


People who are prone to asthma attacks show weakened lung function, which means they are often more susceptible to more severe conditions. Acupuncture is one of the best ways to help support lung stability and everyday function. Traditional acupuncture stimulates the flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen throughout the entire body. This process helps nourish all organs and improves your immune system as well.

What is Traditional Acupuncture?

The Ancient Chinese Medicine, traditional acupuncture, utilizes tiny needles to access distinct points on the body to restore balance, alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety, treat diseases, enhance sleep and improve your overall health. At Modern Acupuncture, traditional acupuncture allows the licensed acupuncturist to access full-body health without the removal of any clothing. Throughout the session, the licensed acupuncturist will pinpoint the ailments through specific areas on your head, face, arms, hands, lower legs and feet to treat your conditions.

Photo Credit: Modern Acupuncture

About Modern Acupuncture

Modern Acupuncture’s mission is to make your life better. Our goal is to demystify acupuncture and educate the public about the many benefits it has to offer. The practice is a natural, non-invasive method of treatment that has often been used in lieu of synthetic medications and surgical procedures. To find out more about Modern Acupuncture, and determine if it is right for you, visit our website at Modern Acupuncture is a franchised business, franchises are available.


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