Health Documentaries You Must Watch On Netflix

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Getting back on the healthy eating track sometimes takes a little push. This list of food and health documentaries might be exactly what you need to motivate you into a serious health change. And the best part – they’re all on Netflix! Check out the list below.


Both entertaining and educational, Vegucated follows three New Yorkers who commit to a six-week vegan diet. Vegucated demonstrates what being “vegan” really means and how this lifestyle change can be extremely challenging at times.



Cowspiracy is a documentary that uncovers how animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution. This film will make you think twice before grabbing that meat at the grocery store.


Hungry For Change

Hungry For Change takes a look at food companies and some of the secrets they don’t want you to know about. If you’re looking to make a shift toward clean eating, this documentary might inspire and educate you.



While Happy is not necessarily about diet and exercise, it’s a great film on something we sometimes neglect. Happy explores one of society’s most valued emotions: Happiness. Taking the viewer around the world to learn the roots of true happiness, this documentary finds a fascinating connection between happiness and health.


Food Matters

From the creators of Hungry For Change, Food Matters features expert advice on how healthy eating can have lasting benefits. In this documentary, you’ll learn what food you should eat and what could potentially be hurting your health.


Fed Up

Fed Up reveals the causes of obesity in the United States and how overconsumption of sugar in processed foods is detrimental to our health. This documentary explains how there is a major correlation between foods high in sugar and obesity. Fed Up is crucial to anyone looking to start eating healthy.


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