Do Yoga Inside the Immersive Vincent Van Gogh Exhibit

The Original Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Scottsdale offers yoga inside an immersive art installation space, where over 90,000,000 pixels of animation projected to the floors, walls and ceilings bring the striking colors and brushwork of Van Gogh’s paintings to life.

Designed to challenge the body and inspire the mind, each 35-minute yoga session is led by certified yoga instructors and choreographed in harmony with the music, sounds, light and moving images that transport visitors into the influential painter’s masterpieces. 

Anyone 12 years and older is welcome to attend a class and join the unique, multi-sensory yoga experience where movement and art meet. Immersive Van Gogh asks that all minors are accompanied by an adult and that participants arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled class with comfortable clothing and a yoga mat. 

After yoga, enjoy the other art installations the venue offers like Reflections, which focuses on Van Gogh’s writing and thoughts with custom sound and lighting; Sketched Portal inspired by the artist’s sketches; and the Sunflower installation which reimagines one of Van Gogh’s favorite subjects to paint. The Exhibit Gift Shop is also available to shop in person or online. 

Remaining classes for the year are scheduled for December 3, 10 and 17 from 9:00–9:35 a.m. Tickets are $50 per person.

Click here to enroll in a yoga class and learn more information on yoga at Immersive Van Gogh’s exhibit in Scottsdale.

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