Boomer Naturals Face Covers… We’ve Got You Covered!

No other element of our COVID-19 world has had more impact than wearing face covers as a way of preventing infection. And, because they are on our face, they are also a front-and-center reminder of how our lives have changed in the “new normal.”

Helping you to stay safe during this time, Boomer Naturals Face Covers function as a powerful tool in the fight against the spread of infection — giving new meaning to the term “must-have.”

Effectiveness is Essential

Lives are at stake, so it’s important that we wear the most effective face covers. Many “homemade” masks or bandanas have thinly woven fabric that fails to provide proper filtration or offer enough coverage on the face.

Paper masks are made to be worn only once, making them an expensive and ineffective choice if worn repeatedly.

Boomer Naturals offers a higher quality face cover that is ultra-soft; the 65% cotton/35% polyester blend is comfortable and easy to wear. The covers are made from three layers of tightly-woven fabric that is enhanced with nano-silver technology to fight bacteria and provide the ultimate in protection.

This three-layer construction filters the air and minimizes the potential transmission of contaminated airborne droplets into your nose or mouth. 

  • The outer layer is hydrophobic, repelling water from its surface
  • The middle layer is enhanced with nano-silver technology and acts as an additional filter
  • The inner layer — closest to your skin — is hydrophilic, attracting moisture to keep that inner space feeling dry and comfortable

Fit is Freedom

A comfortable, well-fitting face cover means you can put it on and forget about it. Dr. Mary Clifton, an internal medicine doctor based in New York City, member of the Boomer Naturals Wellness Advisory Board, and an expert on public health and safety advises that “Fit and coverage are important factors.

A face cover needs to fully cover the nose and mouth, with no gaping at the sides, top or bottom where particles could otherwise enter. You must make sure the face cover is the proper size to fit your face.”

  • For superior fit, Boomer Naturals Face Covers are available in a range of sizes including kids, adult and extra-large for those with wider faces or bigger bone structure
  • The extra-large size also offers additional room for beards, fully covering the face and facial hair
  • To optimize both fit and comfort, Boomer Naturals Ear Savers relieve the pressure of tight-fitting elastic bands on ears. A series of hooks catch the coverings’ elastic loops, moving tension to the band, while ensuring secure attachment.

Fashion and Function

Your face is your calling card, so your face cover should make a statement. Boomer Naturals offers a range of colors, from soft pastels and bright colors to versatile neutrals that make the most discriminating minimalist happy.

Festive florals, jaunty stripes, and playful patterns offer men, women, and kids a way to express their personal sense of style. And at less than $10 each, it’s easy to own several colors and patterns to coordinate with various outfits and for many occasions

Giving back is always in fashion, and Boomer Naturals’ Prepare and Protect Initiative, donates one face cover for every online order. To date, 100,000 face covers have been donated to a variety of charitable organizations including those that support veterans, the homeless, health workers, nursing homes, and more. 

While our day-to-day routines have been changed radically by the coronavirus pandemic, Boomer Naturals offers protection that is both effective and appealing.

The Boomer Naturals Face Covers are constructed to offer superior protection, coverage, comfort, and fit. Best of all, this “must-do” procedure has been transformed into a “must-have” accompaniment that is now part of everyone’s personal style statement.

Stay safe…we’ve got you covered! 

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