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Ballet for the Body: Adult Classes In Phoenix

All women envy the dancer. Yes, they are coordinated, artistic and trained athletes. But mainly, we envy them because of their perfectly sculpted, toned physiques. As someone who has endeavored practically every mainstream sport, I can proudly say that when I trained in ballet and jazz, my body was the leanest and lightest it has ever been.


So what is it about this gentle training system that keeps the body so thin without adding bulky muscles? If you haven’t noticed, ballet has similar characteristics and benefits as that of yoga and pilates, except it works to turn your hip and legs outward. It focuses on flexibility, while also strengthening your muscles with certain held positions. The constant stretching also works to elongate your muscles, which keeps everything longer and thinner. Since ballet never requires you (the female dancer) to use any outside resistance, except the weight of your own body parts, the muscles remain lean.

Ballet is a very disciplined, highly technical activity that does not put an abundance of strain on the body, like other rigorous sports. It also works to train the body to dance in perfect symmetry, which after years of training can be extremely rewarding.

Recap on the benefits:

  • Constant stretching elongates the muscles
  • Held poses tone muscles, especially the core
  • Constant movement burns calories
  • Never uses more than own body weight for resistance

Adult Classes in the Valley:
Yes, putting on a leotard and tights can be a little intimidating and downright scary for some of us. But don’t worry, adult classes are geared for those who would simply like to enjoy the many benefits of beautiful ballet dancing. Valley Girl has gathered ballet studios that feature adult ballet classes…

Express Mie: Fitness & Beauty
Class: “Tu-Tu for You”
6448 S McClintock
Tempe, AZ 85283

Bender Performing Arts
Class: Adult Ballet Level 1
3141 East Beardsley Road, Suite 110
Phoenix, Arizona 85050

The School of Ballet Arizona
Class: Adult Ballet
3545 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018

History of Ballet: Ballet originated in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century France and still uses the orignal French terms and vocabulary today. Ballet has continued to develop and has had a strong influence on broader concert dance. For example, in the United States, choreographer George Balanchine developed what is now known as neoclassical ballet. Subsequent developments now include contemporary ballet and post- structural ballet, seen in the work of William Forsythe in Germany, according to Wikipedia.


  • Emme says:

    I loved ballet as a little girl (they would give us a pretzel at the end of rehearsal as a treat!) Maybe I should try this.

  • Mia says:

    I too, took several years of ballet and agree that its ending results are extremely rewarding.

  • Molly says:

    Ballet is a great workout and so much more difficult than people expect.

  • Ella says:

    If only I had the nerve to get into a leotard!

  • shellie says:

    um… failure to mention the ‘graceful’ aspect of ballet – – not for me

  • Rachel says:

    At the School of Ballet Arizona there is no leotard required for adult classes. You can wear whatever you are comfortable in. Don’t let that stop you from dancing!

  • Chrissy says:

    I prefer Arizona School of Classical Ballet at the 101 and Cave Creek. Fabiana is an amazing teacher who is challenging yet patient and fun. At Ballet Arizona, adults get thrown in with the professionals, and teachers don’t really take the time to correct the more novice or even beginning dancers because of the wide range of levels. It’s just hard to be that accommodating. At AZ School of Classical Ballet, the class is under 10 people, the camaraderie is great, and the technique is amazing. Fabi doesn’t let you get away with being a dinky dolly dancer, but pushes you do your maximum abilities. I danced classical ballet for 12 years, and I take this class with my mom who has never danced ballet before. She enjoys dancing and is getting into great shape, while I get to work on my technique and flexibility. I sometimes modify the exercises to challenge myself like doing things on releve or increasing the number of pirouettes. But most of the time, just concentrating on working on the right muscles is challenging enough. Overall, its been a great experience!

  • Kara says:

    You don’t HAVE to wear a leotard if you want a ballet-like workout! There is a place called “Karve Studio” in Scottsdale that teaches ballet barre classes that have more of a fitness twist to them so you don’t have to dance or learn complicated dance routines. They’re really fun and the music is really good too. Not classical music. I have seen a total difference in my body more than anything else I’ve tried. Also the teachers are really detailed in their instructions and they don’t let you get away with doing anything wrong! They also will take time with you before or after class to make sure you really get what you’re doing which makes a huge difference vs. going to a big group class where the teachers don’t really give you much feedback or help.

  • Really enjoyed the site 🙂

  • janis karber says:

    I want to be limber, able to stretch with tight toned muscles, not larger, don’t know if I am too old, I am 61, but very interested in ballet. I would have to be a beginner, also my daughter-in-law wants to learn with me. My # is (602) 350- 2307. my e-mail is susiejj49@aol.com

  • Lisa Juliet says:

    If you are loosing for an all Adult Ballet Classes, stop on by our studio. We offer beginner and intermediate Adults-Only Ballet Classes. We are located at the corner of 101 and Guadalupe Rd. For more information Got to Ballet Fusion Fitness site: http://www.studiobff.com.

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