Arizona is One of the Best States for Wellness, Report

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Now more than ever, Americans are prioritizing their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through healthy practices, such as exercise, nutrition, meditation, yoga and more. 

The Global Wellness Institute projects that the wellness industry will reach $7 trillion in value by 2025, suggesting that “self-care” is more than just a trend in the U.S. and will continue to be valued and incorporated into everyday lifestyles. 

With remote work becoming more common amidst the pandemic, Americans have the flexibility to move to the state and environment they want to live in. 

So, which states will support your healthy efforts and total wellbeing the most? According to a report by LifeExtension, California is the best state in the U.S. for health and wellness in 2022, while Arizona ranks second-best overall. 

After measuring all 50 states across three main wellness categories, California ranked the highest with a total score of 3.16 and Arizona closely followed with a total score of 3.15.

Physical and Mental Health

Based on the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, LifeExtension was able to get an idea of the preventative health practices of adults in each state. They found that in states with more sunshine, such as Arizona and Florida, adults reported better mental health, general health, sleep and exercise. 

Access to Parks and Nature

Exercising outdoors, such as hiking, biking or running, is great for your health. LifeExtension looked at each state’s percentage of land devoted to national parks. With three national parks, including the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and Saguaro, and over 30 state parks, Arizona offers many natural parks that promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

Interest in Integrative Health Practices

Google Trends data from early June show that Arizona has a high interest in integrative health practices, which include meditation, yoga, mindfulness, maintaining a healthy diet, vitamins, and supplements. According to a 0–100 scale, Arizona had the highest Google search volume for Healthy Diet (100) and Supplements (100). 

You can view the complete LifeExtension report here.

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