All-New Jukari Fit To Fly Workout

Ever wanted to fly like the dancers in Cirque du Soleil? Or maybe just desperately want one of their perfect bodies? Well now you can have both. Reebok and Cirque du Soleil have teamed up to create a new gym experience that will make exercising the best part of your day. The cure for your workout blues: Jukari Fit to Fly!

The name comes from a world dialect meaning “to play” because that’s exactly what you will do. Ladies who are fit to fly will flex, flutter, sweat, stretch and swing with this all-new way of fusing Reebok fitness with the artistry of Cirque. It’s quite the workout and so fun even the celebs are grabbing the bar:


Brook Burke experiments with Reebok’s new Jukari Fit To Fly at the Jukari Fit to Fly Studio on March 20 in Los Angeles.


Mischa Barton tries Reebok’s Jukari Fit To Fly at the Jukari Fit to Fly Studio in Los Angeles on March 20.


Molly Sims learns to fly at Jukari Fit to Fly Studio on March 20 in Los Angeles.

The Moves:
For a taste of a Fit to Fly class, here are some of the moves you will master (in order from left to right of the photo):


  • Swing to Straddle Jump: cardio movement that works legs, lats and biceps
  • Lunge with Kick: works legs and core
  • Hanging Carousel to Straddle: works abductors, lats and abdominals
  • Mountain Climber to Pike: works chest, triceps, shoulders and core
  • Mixed Grip Pull-up with Kick: works the chest, back and legs

Bring Fit to Fly to Arizona!
Although Jukari Fit to Fly is now only popping up in Los Angeles (Fit to Fly Studio) and New York (Equinox), Reebok welcomes any gym to incorporate this fun-filled group exercise program into their class schedule. Simply log on to, click “Get Involved,” print the PDF and bring it to your gym so they can learn more about the new workout everyone is buzzing about.

Win a Jukari Fit to Fly Weekend
If you take a look at where Jukari Fit to Fly is available, you will notice that more than 90 percent of them are located in other exotic countries, including Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Argentina… etc. Well now you and a friend could win a trip to a major European city such as Madrid, Paris or Warsaw to try the all-new Jukari Fit to Fly workout as part of an unforgettable weekend of fun. And to get you ready for your class, Reebok will deck you out in their latest “On the Move” exercise wear. Be one of the first to try this new hit workout and enter to win

For more information on Jukari Fit to Fly visit

  1. this is insane… i think it would take a while to learn the techniques before you could actually get a legitimate workout

  2. Nice! Maybe I’ll add that to my dance fitness studio next year… let me know if you’d be interested! In the mean time, check out Trapeze U in Gilbert… different than this, but insanely fun!

  3. Looks fun. It’s the same thing as aerial dance on a single point trapeze except without all the inversions and the really cool tricks. I take an aerial class at ZUZI in Tucson and I’m also learning how to fly using my TRX. Most cities have aerial now. Check at gymnastics places or modern dance studios.

  4. Hi! My name is Diana Quijano, I am a south american soup opera actress and wwould like to prepare myself in Jukari fit to fly, so I can open a place to practice here in Colombia-Bogota along with other women, instead of going to the gym.
    Where can I take classes?

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