5 Easy to Prepare Low-Calorie Cocktails For New Year’s Eve

If you’re planning on hosting a New Year’s Eve soiree, you will want some fun festive cocktails.  As you make your list of drinks to serve, keep in mind it’s possible to have low-calorie, yet still incredibly delicious, drink options.

Below are 5 yummy drink options that are fewer than 200 calories per drink.

1. Red Mojito


Surprisingly, if a mojito is prepared properly, it is not many calories at all.  Add some strawberries and strawberry juice to make it red and more festive.  If you follow the mojito recipe below, your sizzling hot red mojito will only be about 188 calories.

Mojito Recipe:

27 4/5 grams of gin or 1 oz of rum
27 4/5 grams of lime juice
27 4/5 grams of sugar or 2 oz of simple syrup

Mix together and then add mint.  More instructions can be found by clicking HERE.

2. Champagne?

A champagne toast is already a tradition in most people’s homes on New Year, but did you know that one glass of 4 oz of champagne is only 45 calories?  Make sure to have champagne handy when the clock strikes midnight!


3. DIET Rum and Coke

Rum and coke is always an easy drink to serve, but if you simply switch the Coke from regular coke to diet Coke, you will save around 180 calories per drink.  If one were to serve 50 proof Captain Morgan’s rum and diet coke, there would be 58 calories per serving, and if one were to serve 100 proof Captain Morgan’s rum and diet coke, the average serving size of rum and diet Coke would be around 125 calories.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.11.13 AM

4. Gin & Tonic

A Gin and Tonic is the perfect classy go-to drink.  If you have 1 oz gin and 3 oz tonic, it will only cost you around 103 calories.

For an awesome make your own Gin and Tonic recipe, click HERE.


5. Vodka and Diet Lime-Flavored Soda

This clear drink may not be very festive, but it is below 100 calories.  Simply mix the desired amount of vodka with diet lime flavored Sprite or Seven Up, and you will have a tasty low-calorie concoction your friends are bound to enjoy!


Serve your drinks in some fun festive glasses, and you will have the perfect low-calorie cocktails to ring in the New Year!

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