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Five Excuses to Ditch Before Your Workout



It’s often said the hardest part of working out is convincing yourself to go to the gym.  But the good old excuse that you will start tomorrow isn’t going to cut it anymore.  Featured below are five of the most common excuses to avoid the gym, a run or workout classes and why these excuses are nothing but excuses.

1.  “I’m out of shape” 

You will never be in shape if you don’t ever give yourself the chance to be in shape.  Nobody cares if you’re out of shape at the gym expect for you.  Getting out there is all that matters!

2.  “I’m not flexible enough for something like yoga..”

Did you know you can be too flexible to do yoga?  If someone is too flexible it can actually lead to more injuries.  Yoga will help make you more flexible every time you do it, so don’t let your lack of flexibility deter you from that yoga class.

3.  “Gym memberships and workout classes are too expensive.”

Memberships and classes might cost money, but running, hiking and biking does not.

4.  “It’s too hot.”

The heat of Arizona is something that will never go away.  However, runs can be scheduled at times where it’s not the heat of the day.  Wake up early and do an early morning workout or do a nice run at dusk.

5.   “I’m too tired.”

Exercise isn’t always about burning calories. An early morning workout can put your mind at peace before you start your busy day.  As said in Legally Blonde, “Exercise releases endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy!”

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