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Woman Destroys Wedding Dress In Style When Fiancé Dumps Her

Just days before the wedding, Kilee Manulak’s fiancé sent her a text message letting her know the wedding was off. Rather than drowning in her misery, she decided to cope with her sorrows with a little bit of color.

Instead of letting her wedding dress go to waste, she got a different use out of the gown, destroying it in style.  She and her bridesmaids attended a color run in Tampa in their gowns.

Her beautiful dream wedding gown might be ruined with different colors, but, as you’ll see in the following pictures, it brought color and happiness back to her life.

Courtesy of Kilee Manulak

Courtesy of Kilee Manulak

Manulak is the true definition of girl power, proving you don’t need a man to be happy.  In celebration, she event got up on stage.


Courtesy of Kilee Manulak

“People booed my ex, and then during the race, people came up to me and said things like ‘you go girl, good for you, stay strong,’” she said in a post on Buzzfeed. “Since then, people have reached out tell me their stories. It’s nice to connect on a different level.”


Courtesy of Kilee Manulak

She says that she just hopes her story helps people who are also going through a tough time. She might not remember the dress as the dress she married her dream man in, but she’ll always remember it as a day she and her best friends moved forward together.


Courtesy of Kilee Manulak

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