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Wedding of the Week: American-themed


mage courtesy of acrosstheseahewaitsforme.tumblr.com

A wedding theme goes a long way.  It controls how classy your wedding is perceived, along with how much your guests enjoy themselves while attending your wedding.  Knowing how important wedding themes are to a wedding’s experience, Valley Girl selects a wedding theme of the week each week.

In honor of Fourth of July, this week’s wedding theme of the week is American-themed.  This patriotic outdoorsy wedding theme is the perfect way to show your American pride in a classy way.

Steve and Amy got married in Devon. Their American-themed wedding can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.24.10 AM

Pictured in image is Amy and Steve. Image via rockandrollbride.com.

You can see Steve and Amy (featured above) at their American-themed wedding in the video below.

Steve and Amy added their own flare to their American-themed wedding.  If you’re looking for some inspiration for a classy Americana-themed weddings, check out the following ideas.  If you’re looking to plan your own red, white and blue wedding or are simply wanting to appreciate some patriotism, these American-themed weddings ideas are a great way to make a wedding all the better with the subtle theme of patriotism for this great country.

Decorations and Bouquets

Accent colors of red, white and blue are an obvious way to highlight the theme.


Image via Pinterst found on beau-coup.com.

It’s all in the flowers.  These gorgeous bouquets allow your backyard wedding to stick with a red, white and blue theme, yet keep your wedding traditional and classy.


Image via Pinterest found on hwtm.com.

Food and Drinks

For treats some of the following yummy indulgences with American flare can be the perfect accent to an American-themed wedding.


Image via indulgy.com.


Image via psxo.com.

Whether as center pieces for the tables or as cute party favors, these coca cola with stripes are the perfect touch.


Image via Pinterest found on jacolynmurphy.blogspot.com.

Added Touches

There are several very America ways to make your grand exit from the venue.  Whether you leave through red, white and blue confetti or you leave through a tunnel of sparklers, this subtle American touch to your exit will be the icing to the cake.


Image via Pinterest found on favorsandflowers.com.


Found on sparklersonline.com.

The colors of your brides maids dresses are a great way to showcase this patriotic theme.  Choose a classy red, white or blue.


Image found on wevents.ca.

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