Dating to Find the Right One


The purpose of dating is to eventually find the right one to begin a marriage with. Even when an outing goes awry, there is always something to be learned from the experience. Whether breakups occur due to poor timing or an incompatible match, dating sculpts our personal preferences that eventually lead to a future spouse. Building these standards takes time. AtKelleher International, we understand that our clients are ready to weed through the incompatible matches and work toward a worthwhile relationship with their soul mate. That is why we have specific dating tips on how to find the right one:

Red Flags

When dating, it is important to keep a subtle eye out for red flags. These are signals that indicate the other individual might not be ready for a serious relationship.  Red flags might include alcohol or drug dependency. For instance, if your date repetitively asks to meet up at a bar and continues to drink too much, there might be other concerns that are present. Another red flag is commitment issues. Whether the person is continuously late for dates, or unresponsive to other forms of communication, it is disrespectful for them to leave you waiting and in the dark. If there is an issue with commitment so soon during the dating phase, it is sure to transfer over to a more serious relationship. Finally, if your date shows controlling, jealous or distrusting behavioral signs, these are also red flags.

A Healthy Relationship

Opposite of the toxic relationship full of red flags is a healthy, strong relationship. When dating, it is important to open up and communicate with one another in a respectful and honest manner. If you see signs of support, this is a good start. In order to find a potential spouse, it is essential to look for qualities that bring out the best in one another. Some of the best qualities to have in a relationship are strong communication, equality between partners, and the ability to have fun with one another. Laughter and liveliness is vital for a healthy relationship as these mold the couple’s happiness and wellbeing.

Sense of Ease

Ask if being with your date makes you feel right. Rather than reflecting on what other people want or believe makes a perfect match, ask if this relationship feels right to you personally. This judgment must be based on individual feelings rather than outside influences. It should be easy to communicate and get to know your romantic interest. If obstacles or certain barriers keep getting in the way, however, this could be a sign that something is preventing you both from sharing openly. That is why there should be a sense of comfort and ease. If the relationship has more stressors than relievers, this is an indication that the pairing is incompatible.


When dating, be sure to find someone who can be both playful and serious. There needs to be balanced levels of the two emotions. This means finding someone who can be lighthearted one moment and then sit down for meaningful conversations the next. Additionally, there must also be a balance between your similarities and differences. While some say that opposites attract, this is only true to a certain extent. It is important to have common core values, morals and beliefs to build a foundation together. However, some differences can help the relationship, as they allow for sharing and teaching new things with one another. It can also provide more perspective. With all things in life, everlasting relationships need balance.

On your next outing with a romantic interest, be sure to take that dinner or movie date into serious consideration. Is your time best spent pursuing that individual or moving on to someone who is more compatible with your specific interests? Finding love takes time. Dating can be difficult. Narrow the search and abandon the feelings of uncertainty with ourmatchmaking services.

Once we connect you with the man or woman of your dreams, prepare yourself with theseeight ways to build confidence before a date. Dating does not have to be a stressful series of unfortunate events. With Kelleher International, we will pair you with someone who fits your specific criteria and interests. Meet the elite and date to find love.


Finding someone with whom you are compatible is not rocket science, but that does not mean it’s easy! Kelleher International is dedicating to finding your perfect match and getting you on your way to a lifetime of romantic bliss. (Content provided by Kelleher International)

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