Crew Commander Gives You A New Way To Get Social With Your Friends

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Started as a way to put the social back in dating, Crew Commander is a new social club that takes the stress and awkwardness out of the online world of meeting new people. Described as “dating with your friends,” it does exactly that. Crew Commander personally matches you up with someone else on the site and does all the work for you. They tell you when and where to meet up for your “Crew Date” and all you have to do is show up, but not alone! The uniqueness of Crew Commander is that you bring two of your friends, “your crew,” and they bring two of their friends, “their crew,” and both crews meet up.

Founder and Owner of Crew Commander Kelly Gall has been in the shoes of being a single and active adult. “I was single for almost 10 years – I was a busy professional who tried matchmakers and online dating sites off and on for years.  I lived the frustrations with online profiles that weren’t congruent, awkward first meetings where you wished it wasn’t rude to leave during the first five minutes or fending off the creepy guy sending you messages through the online dating site. It wasn’t fun, it was a full time job that didn’t pay that I didn’t want.”

Having a few friends with you makes the process less stressful and your chances of meeting someone much higher. The staff behind Crew Commander understands the importance of getting out from behind the computer and actually going out and meeting new people.

“Dating and meeting eligible singles is hard enough, and Crew Commander allows you to have more fun actually going out and meeting people versus sitting behind your computer vetting emails, photos and online profiles. Ultimately all singles are looking for that “spark.” Crew Commander puts you right in front of your match – we put our money where our mouth is,” exclaims Gall.

No more sifting through pages of online profiles and awkwardly waiting alone in restaurants. Crew Commander is all about meeting new people with your closest friends by your side for a fun night out. So get off Tinder and and try something new, refreshing, and stress-free.

Now’s the perfect time to try Crew Commander out! Enter their Facebook contest on Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Facebook page to win an awesome date to a Diamondbacks vs. Rockies Spring Training Game on Sunday March 29. One male and one female winner will be selected, each of who will be able to bring two of their friends!


-Suzannne Koch

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