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Q:  Hello Dr. Repta.  I’ve seen your prior post on BBL and wanted to know if BBL could be used to make a big difference in butt size?  Many of the results that I have seen on the web are not as big of a “bubble” shape as I would want.  —K

A:  Hello K.  BBL goes by several different names including buttock fat transfer, buttock augmentation, and of course Brazilian buttock lift.  All of these terms refer to the basic idea of removing fat via liposuction and placing the fat into the buttocks to increase size, shape, and projection.  The only two limitations to the size or projection of the buttocks that can be achieved is really having enough fat and having enough skin looseness to allow that fat to go in.

Results that can be achieved with BBL can be varied from modest to dramatic.  As an example of what a dramatic BBL result can accomplish I have included a before and after photo of one of my patients below.


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