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Explore Art Masterpieces With These Art Museum Apps

Couldn’t make it to one of the world’s best museums this summer, like the MoMA or the National Gallery, London? These six museum apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices will virtually transport you on a field trip through some of the most world-renowned museums.

1. MoMA
The MoMa iPhone app lets users from afar browse and search tens of thousands of art pieces in its collection, take multimedia tours and learn about artists and art terms. If you happen to make an in-person visit, use the museum app to take a picture of your favorite works of art and send them to friends, or put together a playlist from your own music library to listen to while meandering the museum.

2. Guggenheim
Explore more than 1,300 works in the museum’s collection and read up on kids guides for select exhibitions with the Guggenheim museum app. Available for both iPhone and Android, the app also gives easy access if you’re planning on making an in-person visit with a membership card, and also offers a weekly calendar with up-to-date program information.

3. Uffizi Gallery
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From Botticelli’s Birth of Venus to Caravaggio’s Medusa, take a virtual tour of one of Europe’s most famous galleries. The Uffizi app clearly  maps out which are the most important rooms in the museum to “visit,” along with 51 must-see art pieces that are complete with visuals and brief fact sheets on the history and significance of each work. Available for iPhone and iPad.

4. Musée Du Louvre
Virtually tour Napoleon’s lavish apartment, get up close and personal to the Mona Lisa, and browse 100 other Louvre masterpieces, which include Greek sculptures, and paintings by Bosch, Titian and Raphael. The museum’s new iPad app features beautiful high-res images of 150 masterpieces and informative scholar texts. Available for iOS.

5. American Museum of Natural History
Explore and discover the history of the natural world with the American Museum of Natural History’s new Explorer app. Part custom navigation system and part personal tour guide, choose from a selection of museum-designed tours or create your own from popular exhibits, specimens or artifacts.

6. National Gallery, London
Housing one of the greatest collections of Western European painting in the world, the National Gallery, London’s Love Art app guides viewers through more than 250 works of art by such famous artists as Leonardo, Renoir, Botticelli and Rembrandt. Listen to contemporary scholars give their input and commentary on these notable works that stand the test of time.

Source: Mashable

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