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After closing his stellar Michael’s at the Citadel and the stalling of his Trattoria M project at Centerpoint Condominiums in Tempe, chef Michael DeMaria is back on the scene with Market Street on DC Ranch’s new Heirloom restaurant in Scottsdale. And, my goodness, are we happy to have him. Taking over the space formerly occupied by Flo’s, Heirloom is simple and sophisticated with beautiful brick-color walls, a glass-enclosed wine cellar and chef’s table (where diners can watch the man at work) and wall-length booths. The restaurant was such a labor of love, in fact, that chef DeMaria himself decked the walls with beautiful tile and his father did the electrical work.
The menu at Heirloom is constructed unlike most menus. It’s divided into five courses, and there are no traditional appetizer, entree, etc. sections. Instead, diners are expected to order one selection from two or three of the “courses”–or one from each if you’re, you know, me. And please be prepared once the server takes your order–you order all your courses at once because some of the later courses take longer to cook.
While making my menu selections, I nibbled on Heirloom’s complimentary bread sticks, dunked in a delicious and slightly spicy hummus. Certainly not the same old bread and butter that many restaurants dish out.  I started with the heirloom tomato salad with white balsamic-tossed baby spinach. The salad was simply superb, and tomatoes were incredibly fresh and juicy. The second course made way for possibly my favorite menu item of the evening: the short rib canneloni. The melt-in-your-mouth meat was sensational, wrapped in the superthin canneloni pasta. So good. I also loved the bite I had of the demi-poached lobster tail from this round.
Next up was the shrimp-wrapped diver scallop. The sizable scallop was yummy, though the shrimp didn’t as much wrap the scallop as it did sit on top of it. Still, it was delicious, though not our favorite menu item. During the fourth course, I tried the thyme-scented veal cutlet, topped with lump crab, the mint-scented lamb chops, and the divine chicken and mushroom dish (I think my husband nearly choked, he was trying to eat this deliciousness so fast). I’d order both dishes again. We ended the evening with the lip-smacking house-made doughnuts, sided with cinnamon ice cream. Few things are more incredible that dunking a crispy, sugar-topped ball of dough into ice cream. And Heirloom is the place I plan to do that from now on. 480.515.2575, www.michaelscateringusa.com.

  1. Melissa, I always love reading your entries. Each week, I routinely check in to see what new (and appetizing) location me and my hubby should venture to on Friday night. This week you have made the decision for us. Before reading you mention I was extremely impressed with the picture. The location sees elegant yet allowing for casual attire. And don’t worry; I will certainly take you up on your dessert suggestion.

  2. It’s always hard to choose just one item off a menu, so this whole course thing sounds ideal. I think I could make a meal out of the breadsticks and hummus and the doughnuts and ice cream…yummmmm

  3. It’s 9:40 in the morning and after reading that, I want to go to that restaurant. Also, it’s too bad the shrimp wasn’t wrapped around the scallop because I’d imagine that would be to die for. Beats corn bread wrapped around a hot dog.

  4. Wow this ambiance looks incredible! I’m excited something is so close to home and with such a unique menu.

  5. I’m glad people are heading back to Market Street – i was sorried about that place for a whiel – everyone seemed to be closing down, and its such a great location.

  6. I second that Andrea K! We miss our Chef Michael…he has a heart of gold and his partner Brandon is a Prince…sounds like heart and soul has gone back in to this restaurant to spoil us as this biz is a labor of love…we will be there soon for our turn!! Biggest hugs to Chef Michael!! xoxo

  7. MMMMmmmm I love hummus! All of that food sounds so delicious! your making me want to eat a four sourse meal at 9 am! Wow your gooooood! And those homemade doughnuts sound fantastic! Thanks for more great suggestions!

  8. I was sad to see Flo’s gone but once I ate here my tears for the loss of Flo’s dried up instantly. This place is fantastic.

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