A Taste of Joyride Taco House

joyride tortillas
Last month, Downtown Gilbert welcomed a brand new restaurant to its growing aresenal of amazing restaurants, including Joe’s Real BBQ, Liberty Market and Postino East. Joyride Taco House is from Upward Projects, the team behind the trio of Valley Postinos, Windsor, Federal Pizza and more. Joyride is “Mexican food made for daily life” in a fun, airy environment. On the menu, slow-roasted meats, house-made tortillas, mix-and-match taco plates, amazing cocktails and delectable agua frescas for both kiddos and grownups. We were excited to give this taco house a taste.
Before digging into the menu, savor Joyride’s complimentary chips and salsa plate. The chips are thick, warm and delicious while the fire-roasted salsa offers just enough heat and plenty of flavor. The traditional guacamole is just that–traditional–but certainly hits the spot. For something a bit different, try the Joyride-style guac with jalapeno, sriracha and crispy manchego.
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As a taco house, it is no surprise the Joyride’s tacos are the star of the menu. The shrimp taco and short rib tacos are both great choices, but the real VIP is the crispy fish taco.The beer-battered fish is topped with avocado, Mexican slaw, cilantro, pico gringo and white magic, which is Joyride’s house lime aioli. The crispy fish taco offers an enticing spicy-and-sweet flavor profile–so delicious and perfect for this time of year. Best of all, Joyride’s tacos are mix-and-match so you can try one of each if you want.
A few other must-tries are Joyride’s slow-roasted rotisserie chicken and a side of sweet Mexican street corn (warning: you might not want to share). The team at Joyride puts as much delicious detail into its drink menu. The cocktail menu features several sweet-and-spicy tipples, including the refreshing cucumber serrano. There is also Joyride’s selection of agua frescas to choose from in flavors like pineapple, citrus and the amazing almond horchata (these are available with or without alcohol). For dessert, the churros con chocolate make for a very happy ending www.joyridetacohouse.com.

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