A Taste of Chick Rotisserie & Wine Bar

Since The Grind opened in 2010, burger lovers have popped into the Arcadia Village shopping center for A-plus coal-fired patties and stellar classic cocktails. Now, the husband-and-wife owners are showing a little love to poultry-adoring folks with the unveiling of Chick Rotisserie & Wine Bar. Chick, which is located next-door to The Grind, is making a name for itself by dishing up out-of-this-world rotisserie chicken-which will make diners rethink the usual grocery-store-bought bird-as well as other comfort food classics with a more healthful and gourmet spin. (And, in many cases, prepared with organic and local ingredients.)
Though a menu chock-full of filling, meaty offerings (including whole chickens) might make diners want to skip an appetizer, it is a good idea to give one of Chick’s lighter offerings a go. The organic spinach hummus, which Chef Bevin O’Neil refers to as “honest” because it is kept simple with spinach, organic chickpeas and some garlic oil, is yummy enough to eat with a spoon, let alone with the buttered mesquite-grilled crostini that accompanies the dish. The rotisserie artichoke proves that the spit isn’t just a playground for pork and chicken; it can beautifully crisp veggies as well. The delectable artichokes are sided with drawn butter and a crunchy gremolata.
As its name suggests, chicken is the showpiece of the Chick menu. There are two varieties of organic, hormone-free, simply-the-best birds-black truffle chicken and mesquite chicken-that are available by the quarter, half or whole and can be prepared with the number of delicious sauces. The former chicken is cooked with black truffle butter and rosemary, creating melt-in-your-mouth meat that certainly doesn’t need the help of an additional sauce. However, it is hard to turn down the slightly sweet peach barbecue or pineapple demi sauce after just one dunk.
Another standout entree is the country pork, delicious medallions that have been glazed with the help of Cave Creek honey and prepared on the rotisserie. On the side, diners have their choice of several family-style options, with the creamed corn being the runaway hit. Made with corn stock instead of heavy cream, the char-grilled corn is sweet and smoky, thanks to the addition of mint and mesquite. The whipped potatoes, which guests have the option of custom-topping with the likes of roasted garlic, Vermont cheddar and more, are sinfully scrumptious. For a lighter, more healthful side, the quinoa is a unique dish as the grains have been prepared in jasmine tea to give a flavorful and unexpected punch.
To round out the comfort food feast, dessert is a must, and Chick offers sweet sensations that are bound to knock off some socks. The homemade cinnamon bun, made with a triple sec glaze and jam-packed with hazelnuts, is baked fresh daily. It is ooey gooey and warm-just the way a cinnamon roll should be. However, the peach cobbler is the dessert menu’s swoon-worthy star. The piping hot skillet is decked with mouthwatering peaches, crunchy granola and, to cool it all down, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. www.chickrotisseriebar.com.

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