A Taste of Bootleggers’ New Menu

bootleggers bootschetta
We all know the glory of the bacon board and Bootlegger Burger at Old Town’s Bootleggers restaurant. The Scottsdale barbecue joint has just released several new dishes to its dinner menu, adding to its list of must-haves.
Among its Boot Bites, the honey-sriracha chicken wings have been marinated for 24 hours, smoked and then charred on a wood grill. The result is a sweet-and-spicy wing with a tempting, crisp exterior. The accompanying cilantro yogurt cools down the taste buds without stealing the flavor spotlight from the honey and sriracha. The oven-roasted pork belly, with Korean barbecue sauce, is served in bite-size portions, making it easy to nibble of these decadent nuggets in no time. The Boot Dumplings are a combo of pork belly and shrimp in a crispy shell, served with a mango chipotle sauce for a spicy kick. Don’t be afraid to drag the dumplings across the plate to soak up the sauce.
bootleggers mussels
The Shared Plates section of the Bootleggers menu is also home to three new appetizers, which are heartier portions than those in the Boot Bites section. The Smokehouse mussels are meaty and delicious, accented with Schreiner’s sausage and sided with buttery, grilled Noble bread. The bread perfectly soaks up the savory tomato broth. The Southwest steak tartare is a vibrant combo of  beef tenderloin, pepitas, cilantro and a topping of egg yolk. The tartare is a great summery meat option, far lighter than ordering up a steak but will satisfy that meat craving.
bootleggers tartare

Our favorite menu newbie is the Boot-schetta board, a plating of three season-friendly bruschetta–not a selection often seen at a barbecue restaurant. The lemony peas and fresh mint is refreshing and light, while the smashed avocado, garnished with cucumber ribbons, feels like the perfect kick off to a summertime meal.  The Boot-schetta of grilled peaches, goat cheese, moonshine honey and candied pecans could easily finds it way onto the dessert menu. Or even as a breakfast dish. The peaches are bright and fresh. The goat cheese provides a creamy, savory base while the honey and pecans add a touch of sweetness. bootleggersaz.com.
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