Recipes: Comfort Food by Michael Mina

Valley dwellers are lucky enough to be familiar with the delicious work of Chef Michael Mina, as he is the maestro of Bourbon Steak at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. However, one of Chef Mina’s newest restaurants, American Fish, is located at the luxe Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Chef Mina was kind enough to share a few of his favorite comfort food recipes, which are served at American Fish, with readers. And with ingredients like truffle butter, let’s just say these recipes are comfort foods with a posh kick.
Mac & Cheese (10 servings)
1.5 lb – cooked Macaroni
3 tbsp – grated Parmesan
1 tbsp – grated Blue Cheese
¼ lb – blanched broccoli, small florets or green peas
¼ lb – cooked Mushrooms finished with balsamic vinegar
½ lb – Chicken veloute
2 tbsp – Truffle butter
Mix macaroni, cheese and veloute together and heat until cheese melts. Add broccoli and mushrooms. Season with truffle butter, salt and pepper when mixed.
Shrimp & Grits (4 portions)
12 each – fresh, shelled Shrimp
1 cup – cooked Grits
6 tbsp – soft butter
8 tsp – whipped cream
8 tbsp – grated white cheddar
2 tsp – sliced Scallions
19 tsp – sautéed Serrano ham, diced
8 tbs – shellfish sauce
Cook grits in water and salt for about four hours at low heat. Grill or sear Shrimp on skewer with Extra Virgin olive oil, salt and pepper for about two minutes on each side. Before serving, finish grits with butter, semi whipped cream, grated white cheddar, scallions, and diced Serrano ham. The shrimp is served with sauce from shellfish stock, bourbon, butter, chervil and black pepper on top of grits. Garnish with dried Serrano ham and serve with roasted green jalapeno sour cream.

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