A Taste of Danzeisen Dairy

danzien bottle
For 50 years, Danzeisen Dairy has been a family-run dairy farm in Phoenix, near the base of South Mountain. It wasn’t until recently, though, that we had the chance to sample the dairy’s delicious goods. The dairy farm is the first local, Phoenix dairy to offer glass bottles to grocers within the Phoenix market as well as direct and fresh from a local dairy farm. (Danzeisen Dairy products can currently be found at AJ’s, Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, Central Farmers Market and more.)
In addition to the usual suspects (heavy cream, whole, one percent, two percent and skim milk–which taste amazing), Danzeisen Dairy also offers deliciously creamy chocolate and strawberry varieties. There isn’t even a hint of artificial flavor; the chocolate and strawberry tastes fresh, rich and authentic. You won’t feel bad giving Danzeisen Dairy flavored milks to your kiddos. For the holidays, Danzeisen Dairy also offers a thick, rich egg nog. For more adventurous palates, there are also root beer and Arizona orange flavors available, which we can’t wait to try.
In addition to the products being local and delicious, Danzeisen Dairy also has an eye on the environment. The milks and cream are packaged in glass bottles that are 100 percent recyclable–and gorgeous, to boot. Plus, glass is nonporous and impermeable, so it doesn’t affect the taste of the milks or cream.
For a complete list of markets or to order from Danzeisen Dairy, visit www.danzeisendairy.com.

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