Nature’s Agave

I love to bake. And because all my favorite cookie and cake recipes call for oodles of sugar, I try to cut the amount which can sometimes affect the taste. However, my new favorite baking tool is agave nectar, and I adore Nature’s Agave. Made from 100 percent certified organic Weber Blue Agave, Nature’s Agave is a more healthful alternative to sugar. Nature’s Agave nectars are Kosher-certified, naturally gluten-free, low on the glycemic index and are produced organically without enzymes, chemicals or additives. In addition to baking, agave comes in handy when making ice teas and tastes stellar on fish (I learned that trick from Giada!).
Want to give agave a go at home? Here is a tasty dessert recipe from Nature’s Agave.
Basil Chocolate Truffles
Pastry Chef Adam Weiss, Gather Restaurant
yield: 2 dozen
1 lb. of 66% organic TCHO chocolate, chopped
3 oz of good quality olive oil
pinch ‘o salt
* set those items aside together in a big bowl
1 C Nature’s Agave Amber
1/4 C coffee
3/4 C water
1.5 oz basil, stem and all
Bring coffee, water, Nature’s Agave to a boil, then take off heat and throw in basil. Gently stir for five minutes, then take basil out. Slowly temper hot liquid into chocolate and oil bowl by stirring briskly while pouring a steady stream. Refrigerate completed mixture for two hours. Take out, scoop into balls and roll in cocoa powder. Place the truffle balls on a plate, and garnish with the smallest, most precious basil leaf (you know, the one that always gets left on the stem because everyone goes for the big leafs).

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