Kaleidoscope Juice Launches “Grow Your Colors” Collection

Kaleidoscope Juice grow collection
Kaleidoscope Juice has long been a Valley favorite for dishing out healthy eats and cold-pressed juices (Kaleidoscope Juice was even a two-time Best of Our Valley 2016 winner for Best Acai Bowl and Best Juice Bar). Now, the juicery has developed a “Grow Your Colors” Collection which is organic seeds composed of non-hybrid, non-GMO heirloom varieties, each resembling different chakra colors. The new collection allows its consumers and gardeners to grow organic herbs, fresh ingredients and rich super foods for the rawest form of juice cleansing and overall consumption. Fifty-seven seed varieties and 4,500 seeds are available for optimal health and wellness. The individual seed containers range from $9 to $48 or the full collection can be purchased for $135.

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