Grocery Greats: Pudding

In this Grocery Greats segment, ForXx is seeking out the most creamy and delicious store-bought pudding.

It’s back-to-school time, and we’re bombarded with commercials about what to put in our little one’s lunch boxes. So what’s the scoop on the perfect pudding snack? I did some digging and found the answer to the question: What’s in a pudding?
Swiss Miss is thick with a velvety smooth texture. This pudding is slow-blended with the finest imported cocoa, non-fat milk and fresh cream. It is enriched with calcium with no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. Swiss Miss pudding is a rich and creamy indulgence that even parents will love at only 60 calories. $7.99 per six pack at Wal-Mart.
Snack Pack, by Hunt’s, is conveniently located at most grocery stores. The pudding melts in your mouth dissolving to a chocolate sweetness with a smooth finish. Nice thickness but not too heavy, dissolving quickly like chocolate milk on the tongue. Made with real fat-free milk. You’ll definitely want to scrape the cup with your spoon. 60 calories. $4.99 for a six pack.
How can you go wrong with Jell-O brand? Jell-O Pudding is thick enough to eat with a fork, and this cool creamy chocolaty treat is a great choice for the kids. The sugar-free version didn’t taste too bad, either. The cocoa is processed with alkali so it aids in digestion. Made from skim milk, it’s packing 70 calories. $5.99 for six pack.
My Grocery Great choice this week: Snack Pack. Great value, great taste.

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