Grocery Greats: Cheesecake

In this Grocery Greats segment, guest writer ForXx is seeking the best store-bought, pre-made cheesecake for holiday celebrations.
‘Tis the season for wonderful desserts as we approach the holidays. Nothing is more classic than New York-style cheesecake, but if you’re not at some swanky restaurant, how do you get that decadent dessert at home? I did some shopping for you and here’s what I found.
The Sara Lee original cheesecake was really sweet. Although it was a little more reasonably priced, it lacked texture. Once it thawed, the sour cream seemed to take over the flavor, and the crust was just as sweet as the cake. A sugary disappointment.
The fluffiest, mouthwatering cheesecake I found was from Costco. Believe it or not, it was really tasty. The store’s New York-style cheesecake was a perfect texture that delicately melted in my mouth. The graham cracker crust was moist and flavorful as well. Simply thaw and serve. There’s plenty to share as it comes pre-cut in generous portions. To sweeten a slice, simply add some fresh strawberries and pour yourself a cold glass of milk.
Trader Joe’s has an old-fashioned cheesecake as well in the store’s freezer section. Great texture and flavor to rival that of Costco. No need to defrost but you could heat up a berry sauce and ladle it over the top for that little something extra.
This week’s Grocery Great is the Costco cheesecake, hands down. Yummy!
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