Grocery Great: Holiday Preview

Cider, pumpkins and egg nog–oh my! Though we are still a little ways away from officially being in the holiday season, it isn’t to late to savor some of the tastes of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Here are a few of our favorite season-friendly products to give a try to get you in the holiday spirit.
Angry Orchard has unveiled its specialty Cider House Collection of small batch artisanal hard ciders, available now through the holiday season. A delicious alternative to Champagne during your celebrations, The Muse is inspired by sparking wine, bright and sweet. Festive flavors of vanilla and clove come through when sipping the cider, as well. (Pair The Muse with a variety of dishes from goat cheese on your holiday app spread to your grilled chicken dinner. Strawman uses a blend of different apple juices (from nine different apples, in fact), which have been aged in oak. It has an earthy character with flavors of apple, citrus, vanilla and honeysuckle. (Pair Strawman with seafood dishes or your cheese spread).
For those who really want to impress a hostess with a unique gift or dinner guests with a too-cool dessert, opt for the limited-edition Cinnamon Egg Nog mochi or piced Chocolate mochi from Mochidoki. Available in four-peice holiday gift boxes starting in Nov. 15, the Cinnamon Egg Nog flavor is super creamy and decadent: vanilla ice cream dusted in nutmeg spice. The Spiced Chocolate mochi–chocolate ice cream blended with chipotle power–is both sweet and spicy, rich and refreshing. The mochi is made with natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or colors. (Mochidoki offers 12 different flavors: Matcha Green Tea, Black Sesame and Azuki Red Bean and modern flavors like Lychee Colada, Mandarin Orange Cream, Raspberry White Chocolate Crunch and Salted Caramel.)

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