Grocery Great: Chuao Chocolatier

Chocolate is basically the best. It is crunchy yet creamy, sweet but can be salty or even spicy. And Chuao Chocolatier is a great spot to turn to enjoy all that chocolate can be.
Chuao Chocolatier was founded in 2002 in San Diego by Venezuelan-born brothers, Master Chef Michael Antonorsi and Richard Antonorsi. The chocolatier prides itself of creative flavor combos in its delicious products that include chocolate bars, bonbons, truffles and drinking chocolate. And we got to sample just a few of Chuao amazing chocolates.
The Cinnamon Cereal Smooch Bar spotlights cinnamon toast cereal mixed into milk chocolate. This bar is a fun throwback to childhood, eating sugary cereal in front of Saturday-morning cartoons. The chocolate bar is chock-full of crunchy cereal bits, which are especially delicious when surrounded by creamy milk chocolate.
The Strawberry Waffle Wild Bar combines tangy pieces of strawberry with crunchy chunk of waffle yummy milk chocolate. The strawberry bits taste authentic, making this the perfect summertime treat.
chuao 8 piece gift set
For a little kick with your chocolate, try the Spicy Maya Bar (with cinnamon, pasilla chile and warming cayenne) or Firecracker Bar (chipotle and popping candy crackle).
Like a little salty with your sweet? The Potato Chip Bar combines kettle-cooked chips with milk chocolate–a tempting, delicious flavor combo that will make you want to get cozy on the couch with a movie.
A perfect summertime offering is the Orange-A-Go-Go Bar, which mixes the essence of orange bergamot in dark chocolate, is a yummy, bright bar that is begs to be enjoyed on a hot day.
If you simply can’t decide which to try among Chuao Chocolatier bars (there are more than a dozen to choose), try a chocolate set, which offers bite-size versions of a variety of the bars. (These sets also make the perfect gift.)

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