Try These New Cocktails at Grey Hen Rx

Coconut Whiskey Highball

Century Grand’s Grey Hen Rx, the Valley’s New Orleans-inspired cocktail bar, has enhanced its elevated cocktail experience with the addition of six brand-new drinks to its robust menu. From banana-infused bourbon to Thai basil-infused gin and toasted coconut-washed whiskey, there’s a cocktail for everyone on the newly updated menu.

The award-winning team at Grey Hen Rx continued its innovative approach when creating the new selection of cocktails. Among the most innovative of the six new offerings is the Coconut Whiskey Highball, the first cocktail on Grey Hen Rx’s menu to implement a new cocktail technology using a centrifuge. The process clarifies the juice of the strawberries and lemons into their purest and most flavorful form, resulting in an unforgettable cocktail experience. 

Grey Hen Rx’s new cocktail offerings include:

The Easterly Winds with Tanqueray Ten, Thai basil, Caperitif, Contratto bitter, Cascadia, clarified lemon, Cinnamon and grapefruit oil.

Coconut Whiskey Highball with toasted coconut-infused Toki Japanese Whiskey, Briottet Bergamot, Clarifies Strawberry, bison grass, clarified lemon and grapefruit oil.

The Mapmaker’s Folly with Patron Sherry Cask Anejo Tequila, banana-infused Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon, Sauternes, East India Sherry, yuzu, peach, Madras Curry, palo santo, cinnamon and orange oil.

Paper Plane with Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon, Amaro Nonio, Aperol and lemon.

Kentucky Buck with Knob Creek 100 Proof Bourbon, Coruba Jamaican Rum, ginger, ancho chili, cacao nib and lemon.

Pisco Punch with Vinas de Oro Pisco Premium “Italia,” Vin Mariani Coca Leaf Aperitif, pineapple, lemon and Angostura bitters.

Grey Hen Rx also offers a collection of experimental non-alcoholic “spirits,” alongside low ABV and boozy classics, as well as a tightly curated menu of beer and wine. Customers can also enjoy a large selection of whiskey and other spirits available for retail purchase.
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