Tips for Healthy Eating in the New Year

Various fresh vegetables on bark

Various fresh vegetables on bark
Jess Scott, nutritionist for Graze, a healthy snack subscription program, on tips for nutritious eating in 2016.
Start the New Year on the right foot!
If you’ve started to think about your 2016 New Year’s, then hooray for you! Self reflecting and mapping out what you want your health, fitness, work, relationships, finances and living situation to look like over the next year is an amazing end of the year exercise. Here are a few tips I’ve always found useful:
Be realistic
It’s important to be realistic with your health and fitness goals; otherwise your plan will certainly fail. In my experience working with clients, if you set your goals too high, you’ll be more inclined to abandon the plan altogether when you hit obstacles. In December, there are SO many temptations and a lot of fun to be had, so be realistic with your goals and don’t try and take on too many things.
Be compassionate to yourself
The holidays is a time for happy memories with family and friends, deliciously nourishing food and ‘me time’ so you can self reflect on the past year. If you go off-track a little, don’t feel guilty and spend hours wishing you had more self-control. Self-reflect for a moment so you don’t make a habit of not sticking to your plan, but then move on and do something positively healthy, like drinking a big glass of water or give someone a compliment.
Automate your healthstyle
Automating a repertoire of good habits means that even when life gets busy, these habits are an automatic part of your life. Having your food delivered at a certain time every week or going to your favorite spinning or yoga class every week are classic examples. Graze deliveries can help to keep you on track snack-wise so you have ready-portioned snacks handily available.

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