These are the Most Trusted Grocery Stores in the U.S.

Many of us are loyal to certain stores, especially when it comes to frequent grocery shopping.

Americans rely on grocery stores for many of their most essential household purchases, so shopping a trusted store is important. Where you buy your groceries will be impacted by factors including selection, customer service, and price. What may not be obvious is how these factors contribute to deliver on your needs and keep you coming back. Keeping consumers coming back means building trust.

BrandSpark, in partnership with Newsweek, recently surveyed 3,200 Americans to capture their real opinions of what grocery store brands they trust the most as part of the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards

Trust leaders were identified in 32 categories, including the top 5 grocery retailers nationally and in four major regions, by store format, and across 22 attributes that drive trust. Knowing which grocers other Americans trust can help you navigate the options during this busiest grocery shopping time of the year.

The dominant grocer in the study was Walmart, taking fifteen #1 rankings and proving their promises of everyday low prices and one-stop-shopping convenience continue to resonate with shoppers. 

Check out the full list of top grocers by region, above, and also by attribute, below.

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