These are the Most Beautiful McDonald’s in the World

The beloved fast food restaurant is not usually one to attract visitors for its outwardly appearance. However, certain McDonald’s in the U.S. and other countries boast extraordinary architecture and unique details that make them some of the most stunning locations of the burger chain. 

From legendary arches to ornate structures, here are the 13 most beautiful McDonald’s in the world, according to Architectural Digest. 

1. Porto, Portugal

Found in the old Cafe Imperial building in Porto, Portugal, this McDonald’s is commonly described as the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world for its colorful stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers, intricate carvings along the walls and ceilings and arched entryway.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Located in a grand railway station in Budapest, this McDonald’s offers hungry travelers a gorgeous dining experience within an expansive seating area featuring high arched ceilings and natural lighting that flows in from the ceiling-high windows.

3. Batumi, Georgia

Geometric-shaped windows replace the yellow arches of this modern, glass-domed McDonald’s designed by Giorgi Khmaladze in 2013, creating one of the most unique-looking places to enjoy burgers and fries. 

4. Lisbon, Portugal

The charming pink facade of this McDonald’s fits right in with the colorful exteriors of the surrounding buildings. Featuring quaint details and terraces beneath the windows, this beach town location has become a tourist destination and even has inspired artwork.

5. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Designed by Mei Architects, this McDonald’s offers unrestricted views through the transparent double-story glass walls. From the outside of the building, you can admire the gold exterior and modern, indoor spiral staircase that leads to the second floor dining area. 

6. Debrecen, Hungary

Located in Debrecen, Hungary, this McDonald’s blends into the historic buildings above and beside it with yellow arched doorways and windows complemented by the chain’s iconic gold arches.

7. Downey, California

In Downey, Calif. stands the oldest McDonald’s in the world featuring the brand’s original golden arches and a retro California design. It was the second restaurant to be franchised by Richard and Maurice McDonald and even has a sign in front that provides a quick history of the location. 

8. Roswell, New Mexico

Located in “The Alien Capital of the World,” this McDonald’s is shaped like a flying saucer glows at night with holographic lighting outlined on the building’s exterior to complete the theme.

9. New Hyde Park, New York

This McDonald’s looks more like a home than a restaurant, and that’s because it is. The burger spot was originally the farmhouse of a descendent of Reverend Richard Denton, one of the founders of New Hyde Park. When McDonald’s acquired the property in 1895, preservationists didn’t want the historic building to be torn down, so McDonald’s agreed to build the location within the home.

10. Melbourne, Australia

Designed in the late 1930s by James Hastie Warddrop, this Australian McDonald’s is in the former United Kingdom Hotel in Victoria, which boasts gorgeous brick walls and a unique, circular structure. 

11. Sedona, Arizona

In Sedona, you’ll find the only McDonald’s with a turquoise logo. This Arizona location also features a southwest flair with earthy tones of red and tan– all to blend in with the stunning red rocks and surrounding Sonora Desert.

12. Freeport, Maine

Built within a Colonial-style home, you wouldn’t know this location was a McDonald’s if it wasn’t for the small sign above the door on the front porch. It is currently the only McDonald’s in Freeport.

13. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

This isn’t your typical log cabin. The large, inviting McDonald’s restaurant in Wisconsin features a warm and cozy ambiance plus unique decor, such as a wood-carved bear and mounted moose head.

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