Taste of the NFL Chef Chat: Beau MacMillan of Paradise Valley

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In honor of the upcoming Taste of NFL’s Party with a Purpose, get to know the event’s participating chefs. Check back weekly to get to know other Taste of the NFL’s Party with a Purpose chefs from all over the nation!

Chef: Beau Macmillan

Restaurant and location: elements Restaurant at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, Paradise Valley, AZ

Web site: http://www.sanctuaryoncamelback.com

Social media:
Twitter: @chefbeaumac

What inspired you to take part in the Taste of the NFL’s Party with a Purpose? I’m a huge NFL fan so its hard to pass up a great opportunity to give back and work with an amazing group of chefs.

Any hints as to what you’ll be dishing up at the party? Buy a ticket and I promise I won’t you let down!

Say you’re hosting a Super Bowl party. What dish do you serve to guests? Beer, beer and more beer.

Have you always had a passion for the culinary arts? How did you get your start? I think the passion really started for me early on. I had a great opportunity to work with great chefs when I was young which really gave me prospective into the profession and the industry and hospitality. I naturally like to please people so it seemed like a good fit.

What do you love most about what you do? Creative freedom and the opportunity to express yourself.

What are your goals for the coming year? My goal for the coming year is to maintain a great balance between my beautiful family and my work life. I love both so its hard to sometimes find the median between the two.

And a few fun faves…
Favorite Super Bowl memory:
I went down Jacksonville for Super Bowl XXXIX and had the best chicken and waffles and mac n’ cheese on the planet, great memory!

Favorite sports-watching snack:
Popcorn, I’m a popcorn freak!

Favorite cocktail to whip up for Super Bowl guests:
Maybe a bloody Ceaser but I just think football and beer go so well together.

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