Ra Sushi’s New Winter Menu

ra winter
The weather is cooling down, and with the chill comes Ra Sushi’s new holiday specials. The new selection of delicious options range from their savory salmon to their spicy wasabi mashed potatoes. New holiday-inspired drink options are also available and pair lovely with these new plates. Here, we sampled a few of the new eats.
Lobster Dynamite
This decadent appetizer will be a treat for the whole table. It features lobster dynamite baked on fried rice cakes and then finished with eel sauce and green tempura bits. It the right way to start off any sushi feast–a great starter to share.
Udon Soup (pictured)
With grilled chicken, a variety of vegetables and udon noodles in a seasoned broth, this soup has all the comforts you will need for the winter. This is Ra’s unique take on the classic, chicken noodle soup, and it is a hearty choice that will not only warm you up but satisfy your hunger.
ra winter1
Apple Teriyaki Salmon
This dish perfects the balance between sweet and savory. It features a delicious cut of salmon that is topped with Ra’s amazing Fuji apple teriyaki sauce. For the ultimate combination, the salmon is paired with Ra’s famous wasabi mashed potatoes. These potatoes are made with wasabi butter and contain the perfect amount of spice without overpowering the meal.
Tuna 2 Roll (pictured)
This festive roll is a food blogger’s dream. Not only is this a delicious choice, but the presentation truly deserves a photo. The roll contains spicy albacore mix, avocado and cucumber and is topped with spicy tuna tartare with cilantro, jalapenos, black pepper, soy sauce and togarashi. It is then adorned with a crispy wonton chip to create an almost Christmas tree of a finish.

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